My toilet is acting up..what's the problem? (Kinda sorta TMI but not really)

So my toilet is weird.

Whenever I go numero uno and flush it it’s fine and everything works out. However when dropping a deuce comes into the equation after a period of time (dunno how long since I’ve never really tested it) everything comes back up.

I first noticed this a while ago and thought “wow…I didn’t flush? that’s weird” but after multiple times of this happening I know it’s not me…it’s the toilet. Anyone know what the problem is?

I haven’t the faintest as to what kind it is or if it’s low flow or something because it’s not my toilet (I’m renting a house for the summer) but is it clogged somewhere? Is it a water pressure problem? Whenever I flush the second time it goes down just fine. Any plumbers in the audience?

A common problem with some low toilets.
Also some are designed to use less water with a #1 than a #2. for a #1 just push the handle, for a #2 push and hold the handle down for a few seconds. This allows more water in the bowl.

toilets flush because a mass of water rapidly gets placed into the bowl, this starts a siphon which empties the bowl through the toilets water trap.

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there could be marginal plumbing issues which allow it to flush for liquids and not solids. the tank valve may not be staying open long enough to fill the bowl as rapidly as it should. the drain vent may not allow the bowl to empty to make the most vigorous siphon action.

My plumbing was new in 2007 and this is apparently the standard design. A simple flush also will leave a few floaty bits behind, so flush and hold for full removal.

(The flap-valve-to-handle chain has a float halfway up; so the flap stays up until the water level is half-way down then closes unless the handle is held down, holding the flap valve up and open. Older units, full flushers, had a float on the flap valve, so the valve stayed open until the whole tank had drained and gravity closed the flap.)

Some toilets I’ve seen in Europe and other places have a push-flush button set on the lid, a smaller one is #1 and a bigger button is #2. Why waste excess water on a #1 flush?

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