My Trip to Sex World

My best friend’s sister is getting married on April 20. This past Friday was her bachelorette party, so we had to make a trip to the erotic shopping mecca known as Sex World, located in Minneapolis.

Can I say “black, 12-inch long, double-headed dildo with a 4-inch circumference”?


I was also surprised at the following:

  1. The variety of blow-up dolls. I thought there was only one kind!
  2. The Pleasure Swing 3000 really exists!
  3. One does not have to confine their bondage fetish to the bed, it seems. Restraints with suction cups work so well in the shower!
  4. One can rent porn in the genre of “Hairy, Old, Fat.”

I am at once intrigued and scarred for life. Maybe after some intense therapy I’ll head back to procure some toys for El Hubbo.

You only scratched the surfeace! When you’re feeling brave again, call up your therapist and head back to the store for:

  • Homely, hairy, obese, food-product and bodily-functions videos
  • Binding (beyond bondage)
  • Infantalism
  • Liquid latex
  • Too many more to name

The scope of human sexuality is broader than any one mind can encompass (despite some inspired efforts by folk like De Sade).

You and the shrink will have plenty to discuss at your next session… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Sex World. Deja Vu, 418, Rick’s Cabaret, Lickety Splits, Dream Girls, The Choice, La… hey, why are you all looking at me that way?

And they sell Whipits!!! OH the fun that can be had. It’s a gas!!!

What are Whipits?

Whippets are kin to Greyhounds, and are a member of a group of hounds known as sighthounds, which include Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds, Salukis, Borzois (Russian Wolfhounds), and others.

Ohhhh, (blushing), whipits, (slinks off).

At least you HAVE a Sex World. Down here in the great state of Indiana, there seems to be a countrywide collection of Puritans that will order smut from the internet in a brown paper bag but won’t have a new Sex World in their neighborhood.

These are the same yahoos that make it illegal to drink in a bar and buy a car on Sundays…:rolleyes:

Here in Topeka there is a shop called Priscilla’s. It sells “adult” materials. But I haven’t been there and I’ll tell you why. It’s located in a building that used to be a veternarian’s clinic, specifically, where my family took it’s pets for thirty years. Dr. H retired and the place was sold. It would just be too weird to go there and think “that’s where the cat used to get it’s shots!”

Hey! We have a Priscilla’s down here too, I think.

Nitrous oxide in small canisters designed for use in whipped-cream dispensers. Used/abused recreationally as an inhalant. Often available in head shops and sex shops.

Heh, I’ve been there. It wasn’t that impressive, if you ask me, but then sex shops aren’t really my thing.

(Ino, is the Vu as good as they say? I’ve been to The Choice, but I’ve heard Deja Vu is much better.)