My trousers keep falling down :(

It was dark when I got dressed this morning and I went by feel when I pulled the clothes out of the drawer.

Colourwise everything works but I’m wearing old trousers and they are way to big. So everytime I stand up I have to hold them with one hand so they don’t slip off.

Why oh why didn’t I notice this earlier :frowning:



Got any string around? Use it as a belt.

Stoopid trousers don’t appear to have loops for a belt. I’m trying to MacGyver them to stay up with paperclips.


Why dontcha staple 'em to yer shirt? :smiley:

Safety pins? Bunch it together at the side and safety pin the bunch together.
The Ever-Practical Fran.

Can’t find safety pins (hence the paperclipping) and I’m worried that the walk to the local 7-11 to get some may just be too much. I keep getting this visual of me standing in the middle of the footpath with my too big trousers in a pool at my feet.

No wonder mum always said to wear clean pants. :slight_smile:

:: looks at thread title ::

President Clinton? What are you doing in Australia? Welcome to the SDMB, sir! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is hopefully hours too late to be useful.

But seriously, can you tuck in your shirt/blouse? If so, try rolling the shirt tail or hem up to create a wider waistband to fill the space between your waist and the pants’ waistband.

widdershins, who has had to spend way too much time thinking of stuff like this since he lost weight and forgets to buy new belts.

I hope you don’t have to resort to the A-Team and construct an eleborate pair of steel-plated armored suspenders with turrets.

…let me see,

your old pants are too big…

and this is bad how?

Just show the world and announce proudly that you’ve lost some weight!

Methinks leechbabe’s worried about showin’ the world too much! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just truss them up with duct tape?

That’s what I use when a hem goes down in the middle of the day.

Alternativly, you could take off your top and put your legs through the arm holes as pants, and then tie your too large pants around your top in a sarong type style.

Just a thought.

I think you accidentally turned the parenthesis in the thread title the wrong way.

Giggle, thanks all for the useful and in some cases slightly zany suggestions.

I rigged up a paperclip thingy now I just have to make it home on the tram with no accidents.

Mmmm perhaps I may look into the stapler/duct tape situation.

Leechbabe of the floppy trousers.

Pants falling down? Treat yourself to a healthy dose of lard :smiley:

But I have been! KFC at least once a week - usually twice. McDonalds for breakfast more often than not. and still my trousers fall down. :confused:

Perhaps the trick is to treat myself to a healthy dose of male lard (as per picture)… will have to talk to leechboy about this…

For those who were worried I have made it home OK, no embarrasing trouser dropping on public transport. The trousers are now in a safe place so this sort of incident should not occur again :slight_smile: