My tummy hurts.

I’m making a doctor’s appointment tomorrow (evidently I just missed them today at 4.) I just kind of realized today that I’ve had a tummyache every single afternoon for… a while. More than a week. Possibly a lot more than a week. Tums don’t touch it, and neither does dark beer (usually very effective at knocking out stomach ailments for me.)

Urrrrgh. I started writing down what I eat this morning. I haven’t had anything carbonated or anything dairy all day, just in case that was it - no dice. I feel like if I could just get in one good burp… it is teh suxx0rs.

Your mundane and pointless afternoon.

ETA - oh yeah, and I mentioned it at work and now everybody thinks I’m pregnant. Thanks.

We keep a case of ginger ale in the house for such medical issues.

I tried crystallized ginger. No dice. Also peppermint tea.

Um, not to be too nosy, but when was the last time you had a bowel movement?

Try a heating pad on your sore tummy, and I hope the doctor gives you an answer.

The mail has been moving in the ordinary, regular fashion. It never hurts in the morning, just usually after lunchtime (although today it started at 11, which is why I realized there’s a pattern - I’d been brushing it off as eating too much lunch, I think.)

Well, that’s good then. Let us know what the doctor says.

Ummmm not to be an annoying cow-orker, but … is there any possibility?

Vanishingly low, I’d say. (I mean, anything can happen, I know, but still.)

ETA - I’m one of those “perfect use” pill people - I never miss a pill and take it at the same time every day.

Me, too. And I have two kids. :smiley:

Good luck at the doc, and hope it’s not something real serious. I’ll be thinking about you.

Onset of IBS or Crohn’s?

Don’t you EVEN SAY that. (I was hoping for gallbladder if it’s serious, after those threads about getting your gallbladder out.)

Just in case, I took a pregnancy test to shut my boss up - negative.

I have no good advice, but stopped by to wish you luck!

Let us know what the doc says.

Let’s see, my extensive education at Television Medical University has trained me to recognize these symptoms:

vomiting = pregnancy
coughing = lung cancer
headache = brain tumor and/or alien abduction

Dunno what you’ve got, though. Keep us posted.

Ha ha ha. I’ve got some chronic nausea issues that seem to come and go. This morning it was pretty bad and I was complaining about it on facebook. So, of course the first question was, are you pregnant? Um, no, I’ve been nauseous off and on for about 4 years now. I think this baby is long overdue.

So anyways, yeah, I (metaphorically) feel your pain.

Okay, weird question. I used to get tummy aches from having my waistband on my pants too tight and sitting all day -

Is your waistband too tight?

Also, Orange Juice used to give me terrible cramps…

No, no, no. Coughing is only in costume dramas and is consumption.

Poysyn, funny you should say that - my waistbands have been getting painfully tight in the afternoon since this started (I guess I’m, um, inflating?) so I had to switch my work wardrobe to all skirts that don’t have that issue. So today I froze.

What are you eating? In my advancing age (I’m 30) I find that I can’t eat much without some damn Beano, especially anything with beans (hummus is a special culprit) and some raw veggies (i’m looking at you, broccoli). I get bloated, tummy-achy, and like I really need a good belch or, um, otherthing.

I would like to site the case of Patient 1013-86, “Cigarette-Smoking Man” from The X-Files.

Whenever someone near me goes into a coughing fit, I ask them if they are auditioning for Camille. Very few people get it.

Until you hear otherwise from you doctor, I shall recommend the remedy my mother inflicted on us for every intestinal issue. Buttermilk.

Here’s hoping it’s something stooopit and insignificant.

Well, we know it’s never lupus…