My TV needs a Priest for an exorcism

I’ve lost the audio on 2 channels. It’s a broadcast signal and both stations have the maximum number of bars. One of the channels is a split channel and the OTHER channel works fine. The sound cuts in and out continuously. Of course, there is no firmware update available (Samsung 2333HD).

Here’s the strange thing. I hooked up a digital to analog tuner to it so I could get those channels. It’s set up on channel 3. i discovered if I switch between tuners the faulty channels work fine. I thought there was some relationship between the tuners until I disconnected the extra tuner. It still works if I go to channel 3 and back regardless of whether there’s a signal or not.

Any techno geeks who can explain this?

A Digital TV channel is sent out on one carrier… Your antenna is receiving the entire signal , picture AND sound , or nothing at all,
So your TV is getting the signal, the TV is just not playing the sound.

The sound is the same data format as used on other channels, there’s really not many choices so you’d notice it on other channels if it was a serious incompatibility issue.

The language setting! Just like DVDs, the digital TV has facility to send two different audio streams.

Sometimes the TV stations have little settings issues like this, eg The program guide is saying “6am News”, but its 8pm ???

and just like that, I guess its possible they’ve got that channel set to German or something, and your setting is “English only” - or something.

Many other devices, like your tuner, will just ignore the language setting if there is only one real audio stream to play… But your TV is not ignoring the discrepancy ATM.

the sound can be the first indication that a signal is dropped in quality. the on screen signal indicator aren’t absolute, the signal could show strength yet be poorer quality for a moment. the signal can fluctuate due to time of year, day, sun, weather and things. you might normally have a good signal and sometimes go to the hairy edge.

tuners can vary in their sensitivity. i have found a number of tv sets having worse tuners than converter boxes.

well that’s what I thought but my TV picks up more channels than the converter box. I’ve been very pleased with this TV. It’s so odd that I can flip between channel 3 and either of these channels and the sound locks in.