Weird television audio problem.

I don’t have cable, just broadcast. This morning I turned on the kitchen TV to watch Meet The Press. It was tuned to another channel and the audio was fine. Switched over to the NBC affiliate…no sound. I figured the station had technical problems, nothing strange. So I go back to the office, turn on the television which was tuned to NBC already…audio fine. Back to the kitchen, still no sound. Been fussing with it on and off all day and still the same situation. I lost the audio for one station but only on one television! I have four total all the others are fine.
The TV that’s not getting audio on the one channel is a very basic LG unit, there is very little adjustment in the audio menu, just a setting for normal, sports, music and one for balance. Of course I tried switching between these.
Anyone have an explanation?

Does the TV have a setting for something like “alternate audio?” I think most over-the-air signals have two audio channels – sometimes they have alternate languages, and I once saw a golf game where the alternate channel omitted the commentary, but in most cases both channels have the same audio. However, if they don’t bother to have audio on the second channel then you get “the sounds of silence”.

Yes check the audio settings on that TV. Be sure stereo is on.

Do they share an antenna? Maybe there is a loose connection somewhere that is screwing with only the audio. I just went OTA after years on satellite and find that I can get funky audio with good picture sometimes.

I just checked again when I got home from work. Still the same situation. Each TV has it’s own antenna, no setting for stereo on/off that I can find in the audio menu. Weird that it’s just one channel and only on one television. It was a cheapie and I won’t be that bummed if I have to replace it, I just can’t figure out how that works, electronically speaking.

Look for a button on your remote that says “SAP”, “MTS”, or even “Audio”. It’s most likely that the TV is set to the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) audio and the one station in question is not transmitting SAP. A lot of TVs use a single button on the remote to change the setting, so it’s easy to hit by mistake.

Tried that, didn’t work.