My Uke Debut

Today I play my ukulele IN PUBLIC for the first time, at my church’s Advent Vespers concert.

It’s a short set list: “Adeste Fidelis,” “What Child Is This?”, and “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”

I have pasted the keys and chords of each song along the top edge of my uke (where I can look down at them when I am strumming – don’t I look like a professional musicianer :confused: ?)

I suffer greatly from stage PANIC :eek: and hate to draw attention to myself. Unfortunately for me, the choir director has not seen fit to give me a practice run … not one. :frowning: He is favoring the solo vocalist, who will be singing Handel.

Truly, this is the epitome of MUNDANE & POINTLESS !!! :smack:

heh… for a second i read the title wrong… uke can mean something completely different given the right context. In yaoi for example…

Yeah, me too. I…smirked, just a little at the title.

OK, so I inadvertently put up a funny title … what DOES “uke” mean in other contexts?

I like that the ukelele is an option for musical presentation in church.

Usually all we hear is organ, piano, or occasionally guitar.

Now, when I lived in Michigan for a while one of our members did a musical number on the harmonica. He was really very talented at it.

I thought you were hooking up with an old doper.

I only know “uke” as an instrument. :slight_smile:

I recently got a new ukulele. It’s been a bit temperamental and tends to go out of tune easily, but I was told that I sort of need to break it in a bit.

You can use an old guitarist’s trick to speed up the “break-in.” Just grab each string and gently pull it up it along its length away from the fretboard. Retune and then do it again. You should see each stretch cause progressively less flattening.

Thanks! I’ll try it.

Love your username by the way.:slight_smile:

Ha, thanks. It heartens me when people even recognize it.