My Undecided Family is on the Way to the Polls

Yup, 'tis true. Supposedly they *still *don’t know who they are voting for, yet are about to get in the car and drive to the courthouse and vote. How can this be? I mean, they’re died-in-the-wool conservative Republicans who have spent the better part of the last six weeks voicing concerns over specific things they don’t understand / like within their party, but can’t say for certain who’ll they’ll check off once they get a ballot.

Then how can they be going ahead and voting? :dubious: :eek:

I’ve had no illusions all along that they’ll go ahead and vote for McCain. At least, based on their belief system and past experience, that’s what I expect to happen anyway. What I’m unclear on is how they say they can emphatically state “I HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM VOTING FOR !!” all the while being about to walk out the door to do so. And no, they’ve never ever had any reluctance to shout their preferences from the rooftops before, so keeping their choices private isn’t the issue.

Can anyone explain this to me?

I thought I was undecided till I got my ballot. I couldn’t make a decision until I had to make a decision. But you are right, they will vote the way they always have based on their core beliefs.

They want to perform their civic duty, but they’re not sure who to do it to. To whom to do it to whom.

I think my disconnect is how they can actually be planning on going through with voting now, yet don’t know who they are going to pull the level for. Or in their case, check off a box. I don’t understand how standing inside a booth constitutes a deciding factor. Perhaps Hockey Monkey can explain to me what goes on once inside that changes something from unsure to certain. Please help!

Sorry to bring this up, but maybe they do know, but just don’t want to disappoint you by telling you.

They probably like McCain less than the conservative candidates they voted for in the past, and are voting for him a bit reluctantly. My grandfather is saying the same thing, but I have no illusions that he wont vote the way he always does in the end.

They’re going to vote for Obama but just can’t bring themselves to say so out loud.

As much as I’d like to delude myself that this might be the case, my mother takes particular pleasure in disappointing me (or, more optimistically put, in proclaiming what she feels to be her stance against oppression), so I’m sure she’d do no differently than in the past. Meaining in other words, she’d be gleefully praising her choice to the heavens if it were indeed the opposite of whatever I was doing.

I think this is the jist of it, and I think it has more to do with Palin than it does McCain. I was all but decided for McCain until they announced running mates. She was a great boost to the campaign right at the beginning, but the more I saw of Palin, the more reluctant I became. But when it came right down to it, core beliefs won out.

Hopes against all hope McCain doesn’t die in office if he’s elected.

Well, if it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done. At least that is the point of view coming from this life long procrastinator. McCain might not be that great but if you want to vote conservative he’s your only choice.

Holy pantsuits on fire Batman! My mother just called… to inform me that she did indeed vote for Obama. :eek::eek: I don’t know whether to rejoice or prepare for a rip in the time-space continuum, but apparently the outcome was split between her and my aunt. (Dad may be waiting to be told what to do.)

So now I don’t know what to think. Apparently my mother chose (at the last minute) the way she did because she feels change is necessary now, although she couldn’t define that nebulous and ambiguous term for me. My aunt made her decision based on wanting to have the right to criticize the administration she voted against. What?? How she pulled that out of everything right at the tail end wasn’t explainable to me either. I don’t think I’ve grokked this any better now than I did before. :frowning: But I thank everyone, especially Hockey Monkey, for trying to help me. Perhaps it’s just those I’m related to that have really left me scratching my head rather than politics.

Ding! You’re in the booth and its a “shit or get off the pot” moment.