My uterus says "What the hell are you doing you crazy hoe!!?"

So, i had an IUD inserted yesterday. I am twenty, have had no children and have been dating the same guy for the last five years. My mom had one of these before she had me…in fact she became pregnant with me a month after removing hers. I am her only child. She told me she never had problems with hers so i went ahead and did it.

I think it might just be nerves that is making me ask this but I AM IN PAIN. LOTS AND LOTS OF PAIN. I realy like my gyno and i seriously doubt she inserted it wrong. I was told however that the initial cramping would go away after the first few hours. Its now been past twenty four hours and the pain, though less severe, is far from over. I am asking for other dopers who have had IUD’S to give me advice and stories about their experiences, just to make me less nervous. My uterus is currently reeling back with a shocked expression exclaiming "I cant put a baby in here with * that!!* Get it OUT of here! omigod! ahh! " I expected that by now it would be only wimpering and hiccoughing the way five yearolds do after a long drawn out tantrum. ( a.k.a: i h…ha…hate you… im going to go away and then see if you miss me…sob. whine)

I figured this woudl be the best place to post this, its good to know there’s a place i can ask a question get an ANSWER.



Call a doctor. If they told you the cramping would go away within a few hours and it hasn’t, something may be wrong. Or not. There’s no way for us to know for sure; contacting your doctor is probably the best and safest thing for you to do at this point.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

Definitely call a doctor. My mom had complications from her IUD (mind you, this was the Dalkon shield, which was taken off the market in the 70s or so) and felt a lot of pain at the time. It’s possible that it was not placed properly or somehow “migrated”.

I had one fitted and the cramping went on for more than a day, I think that’s when it fell out (my body must have been trying to expel it) hence my second son. Unfortunatly for me (or not as he’s a little sweetheart) my doctor told me afterwards he had cut the “threads” to short and I probably wouldn’t be able to feel for them, which is why I didn’t realise it had gone walkabout, so make sure you keep checking it’s still there! I would also say go and see the doctor about the cramping.

You have put a foreign object into your body. Your womb is crying out for it to be removed. It may be nothing serious, but it needs to be looked into.

Not everyone can use an IUD. It acts as an irritant to the womb, essentially giving you a D&C constantly. What about one of the shots (Deprovera?), or the pill instead?

Please go see your gyno again, or another if this one won’t listen to you. It could be very serious.

Good luck. Feel better soon.

Aren’t IUDs supposed to be meant for older women who’ve had children? Not a 20-year-old?

IMHO, IUDs are pretty dangerous. My aunt ended up with permanent scarring and was unable to have children. If it were me, I’d get it removed asap and try something else.

The perfect IUD canidate is a woman who has had one full term pregnancy or more, with no history of etopic pregnancies and a normal uterus. She should also be in a long term relationship. I have not had a kid but other than that i’m good to go. My mother had not had a child either when she had hers put in and that was thirty years ago when the iud had just flooded the market. She had a good experience with it. The pain stopped this morning, i’ve been all good ever since i woke up.