Sex and the Mirena (TMI maybe?)

About two weeks ago I had a Mirena implanted by planned parenthood. So far I love it. The first day was crampy, pukey painfulness but since then no spotting, little cramping.

Last night, for the first time since I had it inserted, my boyfriend and I got busy with it. All was well and good until afterwards when I cramped up so bad all I could do was lie there and wimper until he brought me some ibuprofen and a heating pad. Today I am totally fine with no pain. I am simply asking for experiences here. I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow, but as it is Sunday, they are not around.

Is this normal? Does it get better as your body gets used to the Mirena. Important to note is that I had the Mirena inserted without ever having been pregnant. It seems like that might matter. I am especially interested in experiences from gals who were not pregnant before they had the “little goalkeeper” inserted. My doctor did mention when she inserted the little measuring rod thing to check the size of my uterus that I was “Just big enough,” If that is important.

It may take a few weeks for the thing to “settle”, and also, the string may be too long. Usually you have a follow-up in 6 weeks or so, and the string is trimmed at that time. That may make things better.

My wife is on her second Mirena. It was uncomfortable for her for a few weeks after insertion, but she swears by it in all aspects beyond that. AFAIK, she’s had no discomfort after the acclimation time, from sex or anything else.

We were warned that the string might…ummm…let’s say, poke me back if it was too long and/or hadn’t had enough time to soften adequately. No howling in pain from me, so I guess it had enough time. :slight_smile:

Best username/thread combo award right here.

YES! I knew it would happen sometime! :smiley:

I actually clicked on this thread, in spite of having no clue about the Mirena, purely because the combo made me so happy.

I have a Mirena and have never had a baby - I got it in, er, maybe September? October? Something like that. Anyway, we don’t have the world’s most active sex life but I’ve never had a problem with it like that. (Additionally, although you didn’t ask, he’s never said anything about feeling it - I know if I asked him he’d be wigged out, so I haven’t, but he would have said something.) So maybe your string is too long.

I may be overreacting here, but that intense a level of pain would make me worry about perforation - the Mirena poking into or even through the wall of the uterus. Not to be nosy, but did you orgasm? The uterine walls can contract with orgasm, and if your uterus is on the small side to begin with, I’d wonder if the contractions forced one of the ends of the IUD into the muscle layers. Did you have any bleeding? If it was me, I’d call my doctor just to be safe.

This was one of my first thoughts as well (especially since it is the “potential side effect” that freaked me out the most before I even got the thing) except there was zero bleeding and the heating pad and ibuprofen fixed the cramping. I also have zero pain today with not heat or drugs. It seems to me that perforation would still be hurting. BUt maybe I am over estimating the amount of pain. Either way I do plan on calling my doctor but since they aren’t open until Tuesday I thought I might see if this was something that warranted heading to the urgent care clinic. I am leaning towards no since today I seem fine and I don’t have insurance so going to urgent care is crazy expensive.

The strings being too long is not something I knew could be a problem. The only thing I can imagine is that he is “yanking” the string and causing pain? Maybe? I don’t think my boyfriend can feel them though, at least he hasn’t said anything about it. Of course when I asked him once if he could feel my nuvaring, which is what I used before the Mirena, he said, “Baby, I don’t notice much of anything when I am having sex.” So he very well might not have noticed, even if it was poking him.

As far as my experience goes, it’s perfectly normal. It’s like the little alien in my uterus was upset by the earthquake action of orgasming and had to make it’s displeasure known for the first month or two. After that, no problems. Happened again with my second one, too.

Preemptive motrin and sympathetic rubbing from the mister made it all better for me, and the other benefits make the Mirena well worth it.

Er, wasn’t sympathetic rubbing from the mister the problem?


I meant lower belly rubbing, after.

I’ve had a Mirena for 2.5 years and have had the exact same experience. I agree with Queen Tonya, I think it’s just a little cramping from your uterus having orgasmic contractions with a fish hook in there. Heating pad and/or a belly rub fixes me right up.

I find if I have really, um, vigorous sex, I still have some cramping for a few minutes afterward. The first couple of months, it didn’t matter, any sexual stimulation would be a little bit uncomfortable. So I think my uterus kind of got used to the fish hook, but still. When it’s wild monkey sex, I’m going to cramp up for a bit after. You might try to pop an Advil beforehand, see if that helps.

GAAAAH!! :eek:
::Notes yet one more reason to be glad I was born a lesbian::

Huh. Nothing for me - I’ve got the Mirena (on my second now, wonderful invention) and I’ve never noticed this. I don’t have children either, and have never been pregnant.

I think SpouseO noticed the string the first time or so, but he hasn’t commented on it since (or with the new one either), so I think we’re good.

Okay, so I am throughly not worried. I am glad to hear it will most likely get better with time. Other than this little problem, my Mirena has been great. I am super excited about the prospect of little to no periods and never having to worry about birth control.