My <vehicle> is full of eels

No hovercraft were involved, other vehicles definitely were

Everyone should follow that link to see what a sedan covered with 7500 pounds of hagfish and their slime looks like.

Heard this on the Radio today. " Giant Eel Spill on Highway 101". Broke me up…

Pretty funny write up in the Big O.

I didn’t know you could get to Korea on 101.

Wonder how Leif Hansen will compute diminished value on a slimed car.

Who ya gonna call?

There’s a wormhole in Sequim. Technically it’s for eels but who uses the term “eelhole”?

I started another thread on this elsewhere before I saw this one.

My commernts:

Hagfish Bonanza!

A truck carrying 7,500 pounds of live hagfish spilled its contents on a road in Oregon, covering the road and several cars.
The hagfish (which looks like an eel, but isn’t) has one of those disgusting lamprey-like jawless mouths, but compounds its disgustingness by producing unbelievable amounts of slime, prompting some people to call it a “snotfish”
Why would a truck be carrying several tons of live disgusting fish, besides the opportunity to create a nonlethal but yucky disaster (or the punchline to a joke)? Apparently they are a favored item in Korean cuisine.

Pictures show the road (and cars) covered in slime. I assume that the hagfish released slime as a defense mechanism, or possibly in death throes. People are anticipating the worst as the stuff decays in the summer sun.

Eeels? Yikes! :eek:

The weirdest thing I have ever found in a vehicle, that shouldn’t have been there, is a couple of small spiders - definitely not any eels!

Not available for comment

Yum! Hagfish!

From the Wiki article on them:

When a bunch of slime fills your trunk
With lots of icky gunk
That’s a moray

Can’t be worse than a soft-boiled egg.

“Hey, Shithook! Eat out my eelhole!”

They picked a fine place to leave those loose eels.

The Oregonian headline writers outdid themselves in Saturday’s article on it. Couldn’t find it online, but the headline read:

Eels on Wheels, Day 2: Returning to the Scene of the Slime

“…a fine slime”, but still, :golf clap:


This reminds me of that bit Top Gear did on a Kia Ce’ed called “When You’re a sodium and eel salesman”.

Is it common for people to call hagfish eels?