My washing machine just broke

My washing machine just broke

I have a upright Kenmore washing machine that’s about 2 years old. It’s one of the lower to middle models they offered at the time. About a month ago it started making a loud screeching noise during the agitate phase of the washing possess. Like a moron I ignored it. Now it’s broken. It drains and fills with water, but won’t agitate. My question is: Is it worth calling a repair man to have it fixed or should I just go out and buy a new washing machine.

The problem is most likely a broken coupling. I would consider this a reasonable repair on a two year old washer.

Seems pretty simple to do yourself.

I used to have a Kenmore washer that had the exact same problem. Everything washed just fine despite the irritating noise. So we never bother fixing it. It worked to the end (over 25 years of service!) when we just decided it was time for a new washer. BTW unless you know what you’re doing, these kinds of repairs are much harder to do than you realize. I found that the hardest part was just gaining access to the part that required fixing.

Can you grab the agitator and lift it off or move it back and forth? Usually there’s some sort of splined shaft with a c-clip or a nylon nut that holds it on and if that breaks or comes loose you can get the shaft underneath spinning but the thing won’t actually agitate. It’s usually an easy fix too, so that might be worth looking at.

If it’s something with the gearbox or coupling, I agree that it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. I had a funny older washing machine that actually had a little clutch on it with a car-style friction disc that wore out and I changed it myself but it took about a week longer than I thought it would and really I probably just should have junked the thing. But, on the other hand, if you’re just going to trash it anyways, you might a well give it a try!

Check for something jammed between the agitator and drum.

OK, here’s my take on it. It could be a broken belt. The washing machine is pretty simple once you take one apart (I did my maytag, and after about a day, I realized it would have been much easier if I would have read a manual first, but hey… I was busy).

Anyhow, if you have any mechanical ability at all, you shouldn’t shy away from trying to fix it yourself. If the belt is bad, it’s between 10-20 bucks. Take a look at the other suggestions in the thread as well. But I wouldn’t bag a 2 year old washing machine without the old college try.

Oh, and unless you have a maintenance plan, don’t call a repairman. I found that just to come out to take a look at my machine was $60, and that was to diagnose it. Another visit, to fix it, would be another $40+ depending on the problem. I would have pitched the machine.

Good luck

well, i messed up. i thought i had a kenmore, but it turns out i have a GE. didn’t think it would be to much difference so i called a repair man. it turns out that GE are shit. the trans is broke and it would cost over $400 dollars P&L to fix. time for a new washing machine.

Thanks everyone for your advice