My weird ICQ conversation. Please explain.

I got this message out of the blue from someone not on my contact list.

[Nick deleted]: (2:40 PM) ta falando com a paula?

Thanks to babelfish I reply

[Me]: (2:42 PM) Nenhum você está falando com o Ell. Você fala o inglês?

The “conversation” then continues

[Nick deleted]: (2:42 PM) vc joga no cyberjogos?

[Me]: (2:43 PM) desculpe-me?

[Me]: (2:46 PM) ???

[Nick deleted]: (2:47 PM) é vc cara … vc ta falando com a paula?

[Me]: (2:48 PM) eu não sei que quem o paula está poderia você por favor falar o inglês.

[Nick deleted]: (2:49 PM) ok…

[Me]: (2:49 PM) thank you

[Me]: (2:50 PM) what did you want sorry?

[Nick deleted]: (2:50 PM) do you know the paula of the cyberjogos?

[Me]: (2:51 PM) no not really. should i?

[Nick deleted]: (2:53 PM) is she my girlfriend you this speaking to her now?

[Me]: (2:54 PM) no, i’m not speaking to her

[Me]: (2:55 PM) why do you ask

[Nick deleted]: (2:56 PM) I think her this speaking to you.

[Me]: (2:57 PM) why would she be speaking to me? on the phone or on the computer?

[Nick deleted]: (3:02 PM) it is you né that this speaking to her. . . we are in crisis doesn’t disturb.

[Nick deleted] then disconnected before I could ask him to explain his last message. Could you please help me understand what has just happened. Or at least construct an amusing story to go with it.