My wife does NOT have lung cancer.

The last two weeks have been absolute hell. My wife is in her late 50s and volunteered to be part of a medical study. The study included a standard chest x-ray. Well my wife was in the exam room when the doctor returned with the developed x-ray film. The doctor puts it up on one of those lighted viewing screens, turns on the light- and immediately snatches the film down again, but not before my wife sees a big spot on her left lung. Doctor refuses to say anything but tells her they’d like to do a “followup” x-ray. So she has that done a few days later. Then they ask her to come in for a CT scan of her lungs. Then yesterday they asked her to come in today “to discuss” the results. Last night my wife and I sat down and had the talk about life insurance, burial, paying off the mortgage, etc. She went in for the “discussion” today.

They measured her blood pressure, which was 30 points higher than normal. Then the doctor comes in and asks her if she’s nervous(!!!) When my wife explains that of course she’s nervous about the results, he asks her “didn’t they call you and tell you you’re ok?” It seems that some someone (who I will never know but shall think of as Nurse Pinhead) did not give her the good news that they did NOT find any cancer. The scary looking spot on the x-rays is scar tissue from a relatively benign condition. Her heart and lungs are not in the greatest shape but nothing threatening on the horizon just yet. They just want her to have quarterly checkups from now on instead of annual.

I’m now looking forward to my first sound night’s sleep in two weeks.

Wow! Lumpy, I am sorry for you and your wife and what you have endured these past two weeks.

Yet, look at the present you have both received!

I wish you many healthy years ahead for both of you!

Congratulations to you both. What a horrible time this must’ve been.



What a scare. I’m glad she is well and it wasn’t cancer.

Peace to you both.

how horrible!

treat yourselves to a good meal, and some quality time together this weekend, in the knowledge you’ll have lots of opportunity to do this in the future too.

Thanks all!