My wife is voting for Nader

My wife is a flight attendant for Northwest Airlink. This morning she had a flight into Minneapolis. The flight was delayed landing because both Cheney and Edwards had just arrived. She had a short layover and as they taxied out to take-off there was an hour and forty minute wait for Cheney to take off. They got to Dubuque, Iowa and again there was a delay for Cheney’s plane.

She made an announcement that she was not going to vote for Bush or Kerry. She said she was voting for Nader because he would have been riding on their flight. :wink:

:smack: Nader would have been riding on the same flight she and her passengers were on or another commercial flight.

But wouldn’t having a rude asshat onboard made the delay even more annoying?

Wait, your saying a commercial charter jet actually goes FASTER than the Vice-president’s personal plane? :dubious:

I totally understand her reasoning on this one. That being said, it is your duty to remain with her at all times on election day so she does not give into this desire.

I said my wife was on a Northwest Airlink scheduled flight, which was held up in Minnesapolis for Cheney and then had to wait for his plane to arrive at the destination. I have to admit after speaking to her tonight that the destination was Demoine, Iowa not Dubuque, Iowa.

Yes, I understand it also. I would certainly let a temporary inconvenience to myself be a reason to alter the course of our nations government.

I think I saw something a little broader in her reasoning than your comment suggests, BoringDad. . I took it to mean that she would like to vote for someone who would take a regular flight, rather than setting themselves aside as somehow “better”, ergo requiring special flight arrangements. But hey, that was just my interpretation.

Still not a good enough reason to vote for Nader which is why I encouraged her hubby to stick close on election day so she wouldn’t give in to her whim.