My wife likes them long, thick and hard

I prefer soft and twisted. You?

I go for soft and twisted as well.

If we’re talkin’ pretzels here, I like mine big and thick and soft on the inside, with big chunks of salt on the outside and maybe some German mustard dabbled on.
Twisted, of course! :o

Hot! With hot sauce.

I don’t like pretzels…

Lucky for me, my wife likes them short and without much girth…because so do I.

What else would we be talking about? :dubious:

I know they’re the same but they are like two completely different things. I like my big ones chewy on the outside, soft on the inside with plenty of kosher salt (or even bigger) sprinkled over the top. Maybe a little mustard for dipping.

I like my thin, hard ones made with butter. Yummy Snyder Butter Snaps. I’m glad they got rid of that scary pretzel dominatrix spokeslady.

Soft and twisted, with mustard and/or beer cheese.

Euro style pretzels and bagels are actually not all that different in the making and in consistency.

Soft and twisted. Philly style with some mustard.

Twisted is nothing more than just Really Kinky!

I get why folks like them, but I’ve just never been into them. It’s bagels for me all the way.

I could go either way. Personally I like pretzel bagels. Does that make me bi-snacksual?

The hard type of pretzels, to me, don’t count as a competitor with the soft type. It’s like asking whether you prefer swimming pools to be frozen for skating. Hard pretzels compete with potato chips.

That said, both real pretzels and hard pretzels have their place in life. In both, I would go for “original/normal/stereotypical” - they were invented correctly, no need to mess with them too much.

For a long time I thought there was only one kind of pretzel (thin and crunchy), and I hate those. Then finally I went back east and tried a big soft one with mustard and learned what a pretzel’s supposed to taste like. Yum.

We’re talking about penises, right? Well, I like MINE…wait, what?

Oh, pretzels, is it? Well, I like all kinds. Thick, thin, crispy, and limp.

Mmmmmmm…twisted, soft [del]penis[/del] pretzel.

So, you’re saying you’ve “been into bagels”? :wink: