Pretzel rolls: yea or nay?

What do you think of these things?

For some reason I really like the pretzel hot dog buns, but the rolls do nothing for me.

Wait, do you mean like an actual fist sized roll or those little bite sized ones that you dip into Queso?

The big ones - nope.
The little ones - nice for an appetizer with beer.

They’re a little more interesting than a boring white Wonder Bread bun. There are a lot of other ways to make a sandwich bun interesting, and I wouldn’t want pretzel buns all the time, for everything, but there’s nothing wrong with them.

Yes, the big ones, that you’d make a sandwich with.

But, yeah, those little ones are great, especially with some cheese sauce and mustard at the bar.

I used to like them, but then they became over-saturated and basically every slight upscale burger used them. Now I’m sick of them. Too dense and chewy for me.

As a huge mustard aficionado, I love pretzel buns. They’re great with a good, rich mustard on a burger. I like flavorful mustard, and a pretzel roll has enough flavor and structural integrity to hold up to a good slathering of mustard + other toppings. I love pickled sweet red onions, a quality German brown mustard, some melty gouda, and maybe a little arugula for a peppery punch.

I got a little tired of them when they were popular here about 7-10 years ago, but, I admit, they do work well for large (1/2 lb and up) burgers.

I like them occasionally, particularly with relatively sloppy sandwiches that might make a regular bun soggy or cause one to fall apart. Also, sometimes I just want the chewier texture with a regular sandwich or burger. (I also agree that they’re best with a strongly flavored mustard.)

Hate them. Just don’t like the taste at all, which is weird because I kinda like other pretzels. I think I don’t like the play of the roll against the other flavors in the sandwich.

By “pretzel roll” I’m assuming you mean Laugenbrötchen/Laugensemmel , not some weird American derivative I wouldn’t recognize? In which case, they’re great. I make them myself.

Yeah that looks right.

Those would be Laugenstangen.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

They’re my favorite! Walmart and Kroger both sell them in the bakery section. I like the hamburger rolls warmed with the chunk salt which I’m sure comes in an official term. I will butter them and sprinkle the salt and give them a little time in the toaster oven then use them for burgers or chicken sandwiches. I also get the kind shaped like bread sticks and dip them in cheese sauce. I would love it if I could find hot dog buns. I have made my own pretzel rolls and pizza crusts for years but my oven has been out so the store bought have to make do.

Nope, too dry a chewy, often they fall apart along the crease, they don’t do the job properly as a bun.

Ditto. I hate the things.

What is a pretzel roll?

I love pretzels in all forms, but my absolute favorite is the soft pretzel slathered with ball-park mustard (it’s a Philadelphia thing).

Ditto. I hate the things.

I will be heading over to Serenata67’s house for lunch. Yum!

Raised on good German vittles, I like a pretzel bun with a hearty mustard and lots of fresh sliced onions. Yeah, I know. Don’t stand downwind of me afterwards, but man that is a mouthful of joy.