My Windows XP DISPLAY PROPERTIES stopped working

  • I right-click the desktop and then select PROPERTIES. Nothing happens.

  • CONTROL PANEL -> DISPLAY. Nothing happens.
    How long has this been broken. Don’t know, I just tried it this week.
    The file involved is the DESK.CPL.

I replace it with the one in C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386.
Nothing happens.

Is it buried in the XP install disk? Yes, but it needs to be extracted? Or is there a easier fix?

Try going to a command line and typing sfc /scannow. You may be prompted to put in your Windows CD. It will then scan all the protected system files and replace any that are damaged.

Did you try using Restore to go back to a time that it did work?

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I did the SFC /SCANNOW. It pulled whatever was needed.

I can now access properties from the CONTROL PANEL or right-clicking the desktop.

Of course, before I went and posted this in the SDMB, I went to every Windows forum and they had no fix.