Windoze admin question

I change the name of my “My Computer” desktop icon to “Skippy” and changed the icon to a teddy bear.

Then an idiot from the helpless desk came to install something, and when he left I saw that he’d changed my damn icon back to a stupid, boxy monitor!

So I right clicked on it to change it back, but suddenly somehow there’s no longer a “Change Icon” button on the Properties dialog box. WTF?

I have administrator privileges on my machine. Can anyone find me a workaround for this?


Are you using Windows 2000?

If so you have to right click the desktop, select Properties then goto the Effects tab. Click My Computer then Change Icon. Did you do this? If that button is gone, you could always create a shortcut and change that icon… there might also be a registry hack in effect there somewhere.

Sorry; Windoze NT4.