My wireless keyboard sucks.

Please help me pick a new one? It needs to:

  1. be Windows compatible.
  2. not eat batteries. Much.
  3. cost around $50, but I’m willing to spend a little more if you say yours is really good.
  4. be available online, so please provide a link.
  5. have sound (volume/mute) controls.
    Help? :slight_smile:

I bought this one off newegg, I like it. The keys are low rise and quiet, like a laptop’s. The mouse that comes with it is adequate, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. The wireless receiver is about the size of a Bazooka bubble gum piece and works for both keyboard and mouse. The sound controls are big buttons on the side but unobtrusive. It’s $40. The mouse uses one AA battery, the keyboard uses two AAA batteries. I use rechargables, and I have to replace them about every three months.

I’m very pleased with my Logitech diNovo keyboard - in fact I was just thinking about getting another one. It’s fairly compact for a full 102-key keyboard, but feels solid and substantial. Tactile feel is pretty good, comparable to a late model ThinkPad. There’s no wireless issues at all (e.g. time delay or intermittent connection), most of the time I forget it’s a wireless keyboard. I don’t know about battery life yet - I’ve had it for half a year and haven’t had to replace batteries yet, but I only use that computer for an hour or two a day. I’ve never used the volume controls (because my headphone has volume control), but they’re there.