My work's web filter blocking GQ with "Suspicious Embedded Link"

FYI, it may just be a paranoid web filter, but today I cannot go to GQ from work because the corporate filter is blocking it with reason “Suspicious Embedded Link”. It’s only that forum, and has never happened before in memory.

Sorry, there’s no way I can get any more information, like what link it finds suspicious.

There are a couple posts with a URL in mouseover text; maybe it doesn’t like one of those.

Thread “Gravity = In-falling Space?” has an embedded link that isn’t a traditional .com domain.
http: // www . wakkanet. fi/~fields/

Try removing the spaces from this link and see if it’s blocked for you.

Yeah, that is likely the issue, that site is blocked as “Malicious Web Sites”.

What crappy design. If it’s just one “bad” link, block the link. Especially if it’s a site that’s been not been disallowed before.