My yellow Bird of Paradise bloomed

Most Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginea) have orange flowers, but I’ve got one that produces yellow flowers. Its called Bird of Paradise ‘Mandella’s Gold’.

Regular Orange Bird photo

Yellow Bird

that is a very pretty flower, I like it in yellow. pity i have a black thumb.

I’ve had one for years and it hasn’t bloomed. What did you do?

I hate you. :slight_smile:

that’s beautiful - I am so jealous!

Gorgeous! They look so much like exotic birds, it’s amazing.

PS. I see your green thumb! :slight_smile:

How cool! I’ve never seen a yellow one–my orange ones are blooming right now. Carnivorous Plant–I believe they have to be at least 5 years old or so to bloom. When I had mine planted I made sure they used older plants, and they bloomed about 8 months later. I don’t know about them as houseplants, just outside.
Mangosteen–where did you find the yellow variety?

Mangosteen, where do you live? I think they are pretty and I would plant some, but I live in 75424 and I don’t know if they would be hardy that far north. (North Central Texas)

I hate you both…

First the banana, now this. I so am envious that you live in a climate where you can grow these outdoors. I have a S. reginae I grew from seed, but here in Chicagoland, it has to be a houseplant from mid-September to June, (though sometimes it is warm enough to sneak it out in May) so I don’t expect it to bloom.

I grow them from seed. I have some others in pots.

Planting them in the ground really made a difference. Mine sat in a pot for a few years and didn’t do much, but then I planted it and it grew fast and produced a flower.

Neat plants! The bananas in the other thread are especially cool. My only claim to plant fame is that I have a poinsettia from last year that has bloomed all year long. I have no idea why - it’s spent the entire year sitting next to the window in my kitchen. I just water it and let it do its thing.

I’d love to be able to raise tropical plants, but I have no place to put them.