Mysery Science Theater 3000 Season 12: The Gauntlet

It’s on Netflix right now. Looks like they got the money to make just 6 episodes this year, but I could live with just a few episodes every so often instead of having to have a bunch.

I will be gone most of the day for Thanksgiving, but I might be able to catch the first one tonight. Anyone else watching?

I liked the last season, by the way. It roughly equaled the quality of the original show for me. A few good ones, a few OK ones, and a couple snoozers.

I’ve read several articles and interviews, and the deal seems to be that the casual Netflix viewer might be intimidated by the 12 episode commitment when most other series run from 6 to 9 episodes. By shortening the number of episodes they hope to draw in those viewers.

I thought ep 1 was hilarious. And it helps that…and maybe its just the movie was cut that way by MST3K…the acting was actually very good. Or…ernest. The actors really seemed to be putting their best foot forward. Someday I’ll make a thread about less than sterling movies that the actors refuse to mail it in on. Return of the Living Dead III would be on that list.

So far on Episode 2, Atlantic Rim, I haven’t seen a riff about how lead bill Graham Greene has a frigging Academy Award nomination.

Thanks for the heads up. Right now I’m doing my annual Thanksgiving viewing of Dawn of the Dead (I used to work retail;)), but I’ll check it out afterwards.

They’re making fun of Clint Eastwood’s movie?

The Gauntlet is pretty good. Not Clint’s best work, but a lot better than City Heat or Bronco Billy.

Firefox would be a good candidate for MST3K. Worst turkey Clint ever did.

That’s what I first thought when I logged into Netflix, but no, the Gauntlet refers to seeing the six movies back to back.

They seem heavy on the knockoffs of real movies. The first one’s blatant ripoff of ET was pretty funny.
I’m resisting the urge to watch them too quickly.

BTW, was the Turkey Day marathon on Netflix? The NY Times article seemed to indicate it was on somewhere else. Anyone know which shows were included? Joel seemed to indicate that they had a lot of Season 1 shows in there.

It was on Shout Factory’s web site.

Thank you for clarifying Voyager.

I remembered MST3K typically used the movie title for their episodes. Had me confused until your post. :wink:

I really loved watching MST3K in it’s old late night time slot. I’m curled up on the sofa, kids in bed, and even my wife was asleep. The house was dark and so quiet. Even the cheesy commercials made late night viewing unique. Sometimes I fell asleep before it ended. Great times.

Watching it online isn’t the same. Hard to get that same vibe from a computer screen.

I am glad they brought MST3K back.

I agree. That’s why I Chromecast it to my TV.

I kinda miss Mike and the original bot voice actors, I tend to watch Rifftrax more these days. It has both Mike and the original bot voice actors with no skits or fluff, just movie and commentary.

ETA: Amazon Prime has quite a few Rifftrax movies for free, that’s where I watch it.

I think most people have Netflix and Youtube on their TV these days. That’s how I have re-watched so much MST3K.

Thanks. The article made it sound like it was on Shout Factory streaming or something. I’ll check it out.

i watch it on my smart Blue Ray player. But Acorn doesn’t work on that, so we watch that on my laptop hooked up to the TV with an HDMI cable, and it looks great.

Just watched the second one. The riffing is better than in the first season, with fewer obvious Internet jokes. But they missed out on the opportunity to riff on the geographical cluelessness of the movie. Guys, New Orleans is not near any kind of ocean beach. Plus it is unlikely that too many girls would be sunbathing in bikinis on that non-existent beach during Mardi Gras.
The writing seems dumbed down compared to the original MST3K.

On the day itself it was streaming live on Shout Factory’s Youtube channel, which is where I’ve watched it the last few times.

pluto tv has a whole 24/7 streaming channel for the classic eps ……

I have it on my TV, blue-ray player and gaming console. All of which allow me to watch it on my TV from my sofa.

Hey, let’s give the dude a break. Not everyone knows how to watch internet shows on their TV. Yes, it can be done, but it does take a bit of savvy to figure it out. And it helps to have some recent tech purchases. We’ll all get there eventually, okay?

I plan to buy a smart tv early next year.
Then start streaming more videos.