Mystery Science Theater 3000 renewed for another season(Netflix)

I thought the last season matched the original run in terms of quality. 3-4 great episodes, 5-6 good/normal episodes, 3-5 mostly snoozers.

Anyway, it’s coming back and I hope they can produce at least 14 more episodes. I personally would like 20+ episodes, but whatever they can produce is fine by me.

I also am hoping for a 2018 release, but who knows?

I’m pleased to hear a new season will be coming. I thought the movie selection for the last season was excellent and am looking forward to more and seeing what happened to Jonah.

I know there is other topics about MST3k on Netflix in here somewhere but I figure this is as good of a place as any. New season release date is just announced:

I enjoyed the movie/riffing parts of it, as always. The other stuff, while never all that great, was much better in the “classic” episodes. I couldn’t possibly care less about Felicia Day and the rest; I find most of those scenes to be painfully unfunny.

They were filmed like a police lineup. A boring one.

Rather than use fish-eye lens or anything. Also Frank sometimes was very much done with Dr. Forresters shit instead of always being subservient.

Cry Wilderness was amazing.

Starcrash was great.

Both Wizards of the Lost Kingdom were great, too.

Everything else ranged from OK to not funny. I honestly felt this percentage was equal or only slightly worse than the original show.

I’m very excited about the new season! I thought the reboot was excellent and exceeded my expectations. Not every episode was a gem, of course, but overall I felt it was very funny with many standout movies.

Cry Wilderness and *StarCrash *had me rolling on the floor. I had to pause them repeatedly from laughing too much. Just perfect. I also enjoyed Avalanche! and Yongary and the first Wizards (second one, not so much). Lots of great material there. The bar is high for Season 12, IMO.

I’m looking forward to the new season. I liked the host segments, mostly because of Patton Oswalt.

There’s a youtube video in that story of all the host segments from the very first episode. Highly recommended.