Myspace - is it worth it?

I am always looking for new music, and new platforms from which to launch my own stuff. On the face of it, Myspace sounds kinda useful. But I keep hearing not-so-positive things about it. Is it rubbish? Is it worth using? Does anyone use it any more?

I don’t think it’s used by many anymore. bandcamp, soundcloud and youtube have kinda eaten it’s lunch as far as self publishing music goes.

I felt like I was the last person I knew to join, and I don’t think I’ve been there since 2009. Some musicians still use it, but I don’t many use it primarily.

…oh wow. I just visited Myspace for the first time in what seems like decades and it actually looks pretty good. And I can sign in with my facebook account.

As to whether or not its worth it or not: with social media you really need to test things to see whether or not they work for you. For my photography business Facebook has worked quite well: Google Plus is like a wasteland and no-one follows me on twitter. But others have very different experiences: and locally around here most of the bands have a myspace as their primary site followed by a facebook page. Its worth trialling just to see what sort of impact it might have: with social media you can never be quite sure what is going to take off.

Yeah I guess you’re right. Everyone’s got different tastes, requirements, ability to people to their profile etc. I should just jump in and have a go. If it fails, I can just scramble it and move on. That’s my current experiment with Livejournal (who deleted my other account because I never used it…)