Myst Online Uru Live is up and free

The Myst Online Uru Live has gone to open source now and after a long wait is active. My computer will be downloading for hours, so I can’t tell you how the place is yet. I just hope it can stay active. Thanks Cyan Worlds for not killing this and instead changing your software to open source.

Myst Online Uru Live homepage

18 minutes to finish the download. :slight_smile:

what are the computer requirements?

Myst Online: Uru Live - About I asked because I knew others would. But here they are.

This will be fun to play when I finally understand the use of that wrist interface and start on an adventure. :confused: I’m taking a break from it now while the learning frustration lessens. I’m mostly understanding the interface now. :slight_smile:

I hope anybody else that tries this will at least let us know you tried it.

I had some fun last night playing the old adventures and remembering that you can screw it up so you have start the adventure over.

Has anybody played this besides me? I’ve been having fun.

I love Myst. But this game looks windows only.

Does this mean I could play the oirignal Myst on this?