Mysterious Flag

My lovely wife and I were driving through our Philly-area suburb when we encountered an odd flag. It is an ethnic neighborhood. People have Italian flags on their cars, that sort of thing. Hanging off a balcony was an odd, full-sized flag.

Standard ratio with two colors, black (brown?) over red, the two colors divided by a diagonal line into two identical triangles.

Red and black, Albania? Anarchy? Any thoughts?


Uploaded flag chart pic but really blurry.

Well let me look here instead. But few national flags have a diagonal line. Sometimes you see it in the New World or Africa.

All in all, it was quite like Papua New Guinea but with no bird and the colors reversed.

It may be the anarcho-syndicalist flag. (You can find it is several articles in Wikipedia.)

How about Anarchism, but the fools hung it upside down.


Nah, I am fairly certain we have a hive of anarchist living over the local dentist’s office. Thank you all.

Anarchists live to subvert order, apparently even their own.

“Dude your Anarchy flag is upsidedown”

“I am an Anarchist no one tells me what to do”

" We are throwing you out of the Anarchy Club"


And who’s going to tell them the right way? :smiley:

ETA: missed it by that much.

Israeli artillery?

Yes, exactly that, but with the colors reversed. Many military position markers use a diagonal line.

Isn’t it kind of silly for anarchists to have a flag at all?

Well, it would be silly if they had just one.

Like the Futurama episode where Fry shows a little too much interest in politics.


Wait, the Israeli artillery are anarchosyndicalists?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. They take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer of the week, but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting…