Mysteriously Abandoned House/Island in Rockport, MA?

When I was little, our family had a house on Marmion Way in Rockport, MA overlooking a cove across from a small island. On the island is a farm house and, I think, a lighthouse. My memory is unsure on the lighthouse part. I seem to recall there being some legend that one day the family who lived there just mysteriously disappeared, leaving the food upon their dinnerplates (I distinctly and specifically remember that very last piece of the tale).

Does anyone know anything about this island and/or the legend surrounding it? This might be a little too obscure for such a general forum, but I have faith in the Dope. :slight_smile:

Straitsmouth Island Light
I found this by entering “marion way rockport MA” into and then entering “Straitsmouth island” into Google™.
(hmmm. I appear to have also looked up “rockport MA” on Google Earth™ to get the name of the island.)

At any rate, I find no legend of disappearance on Straitsmouth Island.

Thanks, tomndebb. :slight_smile:

WAG Obviously an alien abduction! :wink: