Please help me find these ghost stories.

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I’ve been looking for ages for two specific ghost stories. They were supposedly true, and I believe I found them online somewhere, although it’s not out of the question that I read one or both in print.

The first is about a man driving down a highway at night (I think he was a truck driver) when he starts seeing ghosts/monsters/things along the sides of the road.
When it gets light or when he turns off the street the things vanish.
I’ve found a few that are similar but they all contain one sighting and I distinctly recall multiple sightings. It may have been set in Hawaii. Possibly, in fact, there were two similar accounts in different places and stories.

The second was about a family driving to visit some cave or other (I want to say Mammoth but I’m not certain) at night.
They found what they think is the place and when they go in (to the visitor’s center?) the old lady behind the desk says the cave is closed for the night but she can let them go down to look around, and she leads them to an opening that just has a spiral staircase leading dowwwwn into darkness. The father gets creeped out and says they’ll wait until morning.
Naturally, when morning comes they can’t find the place and they find out that the real cave looks nothing like the hole they were led to. There was the usual line at the end ‘I still wonder what would have happened if we’d gone in’ or similar.

At least tell me I didn’t dream them! I’ve googled and scoured all the ghost story sites I can think of and come up empty.

I can’t help with the stories, but I’d like to commend you for joining SDMB. Your start-up month is the same as mine, and I can’t imagine hanging around three years without getting involved. Tremendous will-power, or what?

I will say there are old ghost stories I heard as a kid that I haven’t heard since that time, so I do know the sort of feeling involved in trying to have them recalled.

Good luck.

Something very similar to the first one is in this thread on the Fortean Times board:

See the post by ‘Finehair’

There is also a thread of strange cave stories, but none resemble Morigale’s

Zeldar: It’s mostly laziness that kept me from registering. :smiley: It’s like ‘Hmmm, I want to respond to this, but if I do I have to go through alll this stuff… I’ll do it later’ every time.

Boulter’s Canary: Very similar, but not the same story. The one I saw had, I believe, descriptions of the creatures from the person who saw them. Hm, that makes three different versions.
I’m glad you mentioned that board! I haven’t been there before and it looks like it’s got some really interesting stuff.