Mystery disappearing letter.

From the subject line of my email notification:
Are the senses stroner one at a time?

And from the title of the actual post:
Are the senses stronger one at a time?

Cool, I guess, but how did the “g” get dropped? Isn’t it an automatic c&p?

That sounds to me like it was originally mistyped, but corrected before you got to the thread itself.

No, that’s not it. It would show as an “edit”, wouldn’t it?

If a moderator changes only the title, it doesn’t show as an edit. I don’t know if it does if the OP changes it within the edit window.

It does if it’s in context, but does not if it’s single.

You guys need to feed those squirrels, they’re sneaking into the pantry.

The only thing I can think of is that you left the ‘g’ out of the title, got notified, and between then and when you got back to the thread a mod fixed it without making a post that it was fixed. (Which some of us do sometimes - I usually only post that I’ve fixed the title if it’s been commented on in the thread.)

If that’s not it, then you got me.

Huh, Liberal, that’s odd. Squirrels, indeed.

Rico edited it. About 15 mins after you posted it.

I’m not allowed to tell you how I know. :slight_smile:

Are you allowed to tell us why you’re not allowed?

I’m under the imprssion that the server(s) is powered by squirrels. No? :stuck_out_tongue:

As a March, 99er, I would have assumed that one or two of the original hamsters were contributed by you. :slight_smile:

Meaning I omitted the “g”, and Rico added it?
Impossible! I never make a mistake.
You have no idea how carefully I’m typing right now. :wink:
Thanks, Rico

That’s what I said, “hansters”.
Yeah, I’m old. And grouchy.

Sure, no big mystery.

When we, as a mod, edit a thread, there is a notation which is not visible attatched to that post. The only way that we can see it is to click on “edit this thread” and when the window pops up to allow us to edit it, way down at the bottom is a list of all edits that have been performed on that thread. There’s no other way to see it(that I know of) other than hitting “edit” and then looking. Pretty boring. But it tells you who edited it and when.

How long have I been a mod? And I didn’t know that? Thanks, sam!

Again I ask a smartass question and get a reasoned reply. What’s the point of being a provocateur if no one takes the bait? Plus, **Frank **learned something! Sheesh.

(Tell me again why you are not allowed to tell us how you know. I must have missed it.)

I gots to have some fun here, don’t I? The mug just don’t get it.

Guilty as charged.

You’re welcome, mangeorge.

Better yet, is he allowed to tell us how he’s allowed to tell us he’s not allowed to tell us what is and is not allowed?

Oh, never mind, he told us. :stuck_out_tongue: