Mystery Map

Guess what this map represents. The prize is glory :slight_smile:

Does Glory know about this? :dubious:

My guess is, states where people say “coke” vs. states where they say “soda”.

Blue=“Tastes great”
Red=“Less filling”

The 48 continental US states, along with their postal abbreviations?

States in which the predominate favorite color is Red and Blue?

A political map.

The tricky part is the states that prefer blue are represented by red on the map and vice versa.

Red = States where most people spell Will Ferrell’s name wrong.
Blue = States where most people spell Colin Farrell’s name wrong.

Group I and Group II States?

States that are more state-shaped (red) and states that are less state-shaped (not red)

I think the blue states regard New Shimmer as a floor wax, the red consider it a dessert topping.

But actually I think it’s more simple than that - although it’s easy to make more out of this than what the reality is.

Some states are simply blue or red. There doesn’t have to be a reason.

A topical guess:

Blue states currently have functioning nuclear reactors.
Red states don’t.

I got it, the blue states have a coastline and the red ones do not. Except for AK, HI, AZ, LA, MS, MO, AL, GA, SC, IL, NV, and VT.

Texas is the wrong shade of blue.

The folks at Grand Gulf don’t think that’s it.

States that the OP has visited?

States that are net recipients of federal money vs. states that pay out more in taxes than they receive.

…I think.

I think you areright.

America is to be repainted, and this is one of the possible color schemes.