Mystery novel

My health isn’t good and I am the only caregiver for my mother who is disabled with lupus. This means that I am homebound a good bit. Several years ago I started writing just to amuse myself. I have written a Christmas novel that pays homage to Miracle on 34th Street (the real version with Maureen O’Hara), and also a children’s novel that is set on the eve of the Great Depression. I don’t expect either one to ever be published.

I am currently working on a mystery novel that pays homage to Agatha Christie. I have all of the characters and the basic plot outlined, but I am having writer’s block on some of the details. If anyone is interested in collaborating send me a pm and I’ll send you an email with what I have so far.

Self-publish your finished books! It’s really easy. Even if you don’t expect to make any money (and you probably shouldn’t - no offense; just how it is for the majority of self-published books), just having them out there and sold by Amazon is a good thing.

I’ve thought of self-publishing, but I don’t even have anyone to read them to get any feedback. I know the Christmas novel needs a 3rd re-write because it is too long, and I am concerned that the children’s novel may be too complicated for its target audience to understand since the Wall Street Crash of '29 is part of the plot.