Mystery Pink Glow Over London! Newslink

A strange pink glow got caught on camera.

Check out the photo.

Is the Daily Mail pulling a prank?

Looks to me like when the Aurora extends to lower latitudes. There was a night back in the 90s when you could see a pink glow like that from the Aurora as far south as Georgia.

That’s no mystery, that is the signal that the Queen uses to summon the Ambitiously Gay Duo!

Ambitiously gay? What, they’re angling to be the gayest of them all? To push the envelope of homosexuality?

(I give you straight lines. Go forth and bend them. :D)

I actually read the original as intended (*Ambiguously *Gay Duo) so I’m glad you posted and brought my attention to it - it’s much funnier with the typo! :smiley:

This sounds like a job for the Doctor. Or Torchwood, if the Doc ain’t around.

Or the Nestene Consciousness just farted.

Two words: Bad Wolf.

Rose is another name for pink, you know.

scurries off to await the end of the universe

It could’ve been a very small local substorm.

I once saw something like that in Chicago in the early 70s. Green, though. And I never saw an explanation.

It’s probably a promo for Queer Eyestalk For The Straight Dalek.

Ghostbusters? (Wrong decade.:D)

I REALLY wish I had done that on purpose. Thanks for pointing it out. I never noticed.

Note to self: When Firefox’s spell check offers choices, read them. :slight_smile:

A “pink cloud” was what the idiots in the newsroom of the local Fox affiliate called the last Aurora we had around here. Why they couldn’t have said “Aurora” before the commercial break is beyond me.