Mystery Science Theater 3000, I put it to you:

Mystery Science Theater 3000. I put it to you:

Better host: Joel or Mike?

Better Servo: Josh or Kevin.

Better rubbery monster: Godzilla or Gamera (from an MST standpoint)?

Best song?

Finally, Should it have been allowed to die with dignity with the final Comedy Central episode “Lazerblast”, or were the Sci-Fi channel days nessasary to facilitate in the grieving process? (note: I didn’t see any of the Sci Fi episodes, but heard there was a new Crow, and they were a sad, sad thing for a fan to witness).


Better Host: Joel

Better Servo: Josh is before my time, so I gotta say Kevin

Best Song: The first one

Sci-Fi MST3K? Let me put it like this: MST3K is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

Do you mean best version of the theme song or best song written for the host segments? I have no opinion on the theme song but I just about die laughing everytime I hear “Let me be frank about Frank.” At first I was devastated when Joel left but I have to admit Mike really grew on me and I rate them as equals. I missed the invention exchanges after Joel left (Junk Drawer Helper, anyone?) but loved getting to hear more of Mike’s music (a Tubular, Boobular joy!) We moved to an area that was so sucky cable-wise that we had neither Comedy Central or Sci-Fi so while I’ve seen I think all the Comedy Central seasons, I’ve only seen the first couple Sci-Fi seasons so I can’t comment on the quality of the demise. I did get to go to the first ever convention and see “This Island Earth” performed live a couple years before it was made into MST3K: the Movie. What a hoot!

Better host: Joel

Better Servo: Hard to judge, since Josh only did it for a season, but, then again, Josh’s Servo nearly killed me, literally, during Robot Monster. I had just popped a Butter Rum Life Saver into my mouth when the scene changed to a waving field of long grass; Servo said, in his best documentary voice, “Sorghum: Nature’s Bounty!” and I swallowed that Life Saver whole in mid-guffaw. Nearly choked to death.

Best rubbery monster: Gamera, cuz he’s really neat. He is made of turtle meat.

Best song: The Forklift Song, from Fugitive Alien I & II. Another one that kills me is Crow’s endless guitar solo from The Dead Talk Back.

Should it have ended: It should never end, oh my brothers.

I stopped watching MST3K when Joel left. It’s always been one of those “hit or miss” shows that’s either really funny or really boring, kind of like SNL.

Ooops, I was thinking best version of the theme song, since it changed whenever there were character or “plot” changes.

To be honest, I’ve only seen about a dozen of the Comedy Central MST3K episodes with Joel because our cable company didn’t carry CC. I had to either watch it at a friend’s house or beg them to videotape it for me, neither of which happened very often.

It came to Sci-Fi around the same time we finally got Sci-Fi, and I was surprised at all the changes, but I still thought a Mike-hosted Sci-Fi era MST3K was better than no MST3K at all.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

There have been a lot of changes in the show over the years and the only change I really hated was Pearl. I can’t stand her! I still watched the tapes my friend made of the show and enjoyed the riffs but I always fast-forward through her.

The very best song they every did was the “Hike your pants up” song during Daddy-O. I love that little ditty and find myself humming it around folks with high pockets!

I like Pearl! I preferred Mike as a host, but the earlier eps with the worse movies were better. Too bad it can’t go on in syndicated reruns at least, but I guess they can’t get the rights to enough of the movies to make it worthwhile. Bummer :frowning:


Joel absolutely had the better delivery sorta a tired couch potato type that was a lot more believable.

Kevin had the most one liners that were absolutely hilarious so I got to go with Kevin

Personally I thought Pearl was good but Dr Forrester and Tv’s Frank was absolutely hilarious. Frank was left with a endless supply of disgustingly great tasks that I loved when Forrester nearly killed him in every episode.

Byz, I agree…Pearl was soooo annoying, and I thought I was the only one who loved the “Pants-up Song!” (Make sure you’re wearing your belt buckle to the side…hike up your pants and take your butt-cheeks for a ride!..hmmmm. That has sig-line potential.)

In addition to “They tried to kill him with a forklift” from “Fugitive Alien”, don’t forget “Master Ninja Theme Song!”

Better Host: Joel – Mike’s face is just too big and meaty.

Better Servo: I have to say Kevin – his voice just gets to me in a, ahem, special way.

Better Rubber Monster: Gaaaaay-os, Gay-ay-ay-os … daylight come an’ me wan’ go home.

Best Song: The “Failure Song” from “The Day the Earth Froze” – still makes me giggle. Second Runner-Up: “Patrick Swayze Christmas”.

 Being a fan of the Comedy Central run, I'd have to say that they should have let it die. The new seasons simply didn't live up to my expectations. I still watched and enjoyed them, but I felt as if the show was fizzling out. It was kinda like watching a person hooked up to a life-support machine.