Mythbusters - Bond II - They used the wrong pen

I do not not know what kind of piece of crap pen they used but it was not all the metal jotter that was used in Goldeneye. It did not even look like it was the same size.

Total Bullshit.

And what makes this so bad is these pens are less than $8.

Yeah! The big pens look nothing like 007’s pen either!

Um, how precisely would that have made any material difference in the results? I mean, if it was solid metal, that might make it even less violently explosive, right? I mean, they said a regular sized pen was potentially deadly, but wouldn’t cut a person in half, yes? How would having a metal pen change this result in any significant way?

Unless you are joking, in which case… haha?

They should be trying their best to replicate what was in the movie. I can understand if something is hard to get or too expensive. But these pens are available at any office supply store or even most convenience stores and cost less than $8.

As to whether it would affect they results, we do not know. And we will never know because they did not use the easily available and relativity cheap material. The whole test probably cost thousands of dollars, but they do not get a $8 pen? What is the logic behind that?

…because what matters is the explosive used? They packed that pen full of as much explosive as they could (and I’m assuming still fitting in the detonator,) to test the myth. As long as the pen is pretty damn close in size, that’s all that matters.

Actually we do know, because it wouldn’t. It was all about the explosive used and how much you can cram into something that size.

I can’t really get worked up over the pen thing. What had me angry was that they wasted time having Kari work on that Oddjob myth. I would have been much more entertained if she’d been testing a Pussy Galore myth…