Mythical Surgean General reports

First, I’d like to say this is my first time here, and I think I’ve found heaven :slight_smile: This place is great!

I have heard before that C. Everette Koop (sp?), when he was Surgean General, did a Report on Marijuana. I’ve also heard that it was a 30 year study involving more test subjects than the study on cigarettes. This goes against one of the most common things politicians say about marijuana, that it needs to be fully and oficially studied befoer they can think of legalizing it. My question is, does this report really exist, and does anyone know how to get copies of Surgeans’ General reports?

Didn’t find it on the list here:*

I’ve never heard of a classified sg report, but then I suppose I might not if there was such, eh? Try the U.S. Government Printing Office (by phone - I just looked at their website and didn’t find anything useful). I get DOE reports and papers from USGPO from time to time.

Regarding your inquiry about the Surgeon General’s report on Marijuana, I am not sure. But I will look further into the issue about so-called report.
Brother Haus thinking: Maybe you are remembering a report commisioned by President Richard Nixon. Please see . This was a report on Marijuana from 1972.
I hope this helps your efforts on this matter.

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Thank you, Brother Haus. I strongly suspect that this is exactly the report I’d heard about. Many of the details seem to match up admirably.

Glad to be a help on this matter. There are alot of useful reports on drugs, drug policy and history of the subject at hand. I routinely read and learn from the druglibrary web-site. Enjoy. :wink:

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