The hockey season is almost here. Any thoughts on who’s going to win the cup this year?

Gee Red Wings…I’m not sure…

BTW, I thought your screen name meant…well, my beloved Detroit Red Wings. I must say that your screen name is blaspemous, and…disgusting. IMO of course.

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Well, the Rangers aren’t due again till 2048. By which time my name might actually be close to the top of the friggin’ season ticket waiting list.

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I think that the Stars will repeat. Their core players are unchanged, and aging veterns will be replaced with younger kids who have earned a shot at making the team. While they did lose some veterns, they still have great leadership with Carbonneau, Nieuwendyk, and Skrudland.

On the other hand Detroit has some serious issues with their defence and probably made an error in mortgaging some of the future at the trade deadline last season. The Avs are not the team they were last season either, since half of them signed with the Rangers. If the Rangers are not solidly in a playoff spot at New Years, Smith is history. Without the greedy bastard Yashin, the Sens go nowhere. The Flyers have yet to address any of their major weaknesses. It will probably be the Devils or Sabres coming out of the east.

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Gotta be the Sabres.

I’m with Drain Bead. Gotta be the Sabres.

Hasek’s retiring after this season and he “intends to win his last game.”

I’d be scared, very scared.

Of course, I’m still pulling for my Flyers…

Hasek can still win his last game and not win the Cup. Remember the Caps went from the finals to being out of the playoffs. The Sabres need to improve their offence if they want to win it all.