Naked Skin Morality

Why is it wrong to possess a fur coat, but okay to wear leather? I don’t mean in a sexual way.

Some people do object to the wearing of leather, and the eating of meat. However, fur is considered especially onerous because:

  1. It contributes to the destruction of endangered species (tigers, leopards, etc.)

  2. Fur bearing wild animals are often “harvested” by such means as leghold traps, which inflict tremendous pain and suffering on the animal before it dies, as well as collateral damage to other species that get caught in the traps.

  3. It’s considered “decadent” in that expensive furs were status symbols for the rich, and unnecesary just to keep warm when fake fur is available.

  4. Farmed fur is sometimes raised in conditions that animal rights activists consider cruel. However this objection also applies to “factory farmed” chickens, pork, veal, etc.

Consider this: If it were possible to create an artifical substitute for meat (from alge or something) that tasted really close to the real thing, would it then be “immoral” to insist on real, from-a-cow beef?

Easy: have you ever tried to throw red paint on a motorcycle gang? :smiley:

:scampers out of the room:

Yes, that joke is as old as dirt.

Here’s the main difference. The cows we get leather from are already going to be eaten. Furbearing animals are raised just for their fur. Although I don’t have as much objection to fur as some people (assuming the populations aren’t endangered), using leather means not wasting an animal’s skin that was going to die anyway.

I understand that some factions of the anti-fur movement object to artificial fur. Are there a lot who hold this view? Why?

I figure that animal fur was instrumental in human survival since our ancestors figured out that fur was soft and warm. What’s wrong with indulging that longing for soft-and-warm clothing (and blankets) without killing animals? Or is it just that it’s too difficult to discern the real dead animal stuff so they’ll just nail anyone wearing fur-like substances?


Wearing leather i understand, However, it takes paranormal powers to possess fur coats. Something i would say is deemed wrong due to the noticable Christian morale instilled apon a high percent of americans.

Sorry…couldnt resist

Well… Fur comes from cutesy-wutesy 'lil animals. Leather comes from, well, cows.

I think they believe that wearing realistic fake fur encourages all fur-wearing. The fake stuff may not actually hurt any animals, but it might make the real stuff seem more acceptable and encourage other people to go after the real stuff.

Yeah, and that $500 price tag on the leather jacket is cheap. Gotcha. :wink:

Because – I don’t care if its real/fake expensive/cheap – nothing says “prostitute” quite like a fur coat.

(No, I’m not speaking from personal experience.)

Um–Huh? [blank look] Care to repeat that to the three generations of perfectly respectable middle and upper-class 20th century American housewives whose husbands bought them fur coats? Are they prostitutes? Is this going to be the “sex for meat contract” debate again?

Nothing says “my husband made his pile and I’m the beneficiary” quite like a fur coat. :wink:

Yeah, but who wears them nowadays? I can think of only one section of town wear you might see “fur” coats on a regular basis…

Without even touching the ethics of the fur trade…I just think these coats look incredibly tacky.

I believe this is exactly the reason. My brother is one of this group - he’s vehemently opposed to fur, and includes fake fur in his opposition. His reasoning is that wearing fake fur makes the look and feel of fur something attractive - it encourages people to see this “feel” (for want of a better word) as something desirable. I don’t necessarily agree - to me, acknowledging that real fur is warm and soft and lovely doesn’t make its moral price acceptable. I eat soya “bacon” and Quorn “chicken pies” for the same reason - I don’t deny that meat can taste nice, but I don’t think that’s reason enough for me to give my support to an industry to which I have ethical opposition.

As to the question of why leather is more acceptable - I believe one of the reasons has already been mentioned - animals trapped or farmed for fur often are used for this reason only. Theoretically, leather can be made from a cow which has been used for other purposes, or even has died of natural causes. (Yeah, I know - it’s a bit far fetched.) To me, this is a sliding scale - you have to find the point at which you are ethically comfortable. Personally, I’d have to be in physical danger from cold to wear fur of any kind, but I do wear leather on occasion, and I am not opposed to controlled animal testing for medical (not cosmetic testing) purposes.

(From Lumpy)

On the whole, I’d say yes, it would, and is. However, I’d never use the word “immoral” in this instance, and I would say that eating meat when there are good tasting substitutes is not something that sits well with my ethics - at the risk of sounding far too morally relativist, I’d never proscribe it for other people. I’m not prepared to support the meat industry - if other people feel able to, then that’s their business.

Well, I dunno where YOU hang out, Ace, but where I live, real fur coats on the wives, and fur coat-clad wives on the arms of the men, are standard very dressy evening attire for the Mr. and Mrs. of a certain upper-crust socioeconomic spectrum, both real and wannabes, and no, I don’t mean the Mr. and Mistress, I mean the Mr. and Missus.

And it’s a “conspicuous consumption” thing, for both parties. He: “Look what I can afford to buy for my wife”. She: “Look what my husband bought me, he must value me highly.”

And if the husband does buy a fur coat for the Mistress, he’d better make darn sure he buys an identical one for the Missus, or there’ll be hell to pay when she finds out that the bimbo got a mink and she didn’t.

I agree, it’s pitiful, tacky even, but what can you do?

Yeah, but who wears them nowadays? I can think of only one section of town wear you might
see “fur” coats on a regular basis…

Well, the rich, blonde older lady I saw shopping at Meijers in the “rich” part of town. She wasn’t hooking that I could tell.

No, no Ace. It’s “nothing says ‘prostitute’ like a purple, fuzzy acrylic fur coat with a broken zipper”.

OK, OK, points from you and DDG well taken. I amend my opinion of who still wears “fur” (fakes included) coats as follows…

  1. prostitutes
  2. pimps
  3. nouveau riche NFL stars
  4. trophy wives/mistresses
  5. women over 60 from the suburbs
  6. (this one is for all exceptions to 1-5 that I’ve surely offended)


Perfect, Dewt, absolutely perfect. Spot on analysis, man, spot on.


Dont forget those ostrich and snake boots…guess nobody really cares about them :slight_smile:

Leather isnt always from cows. Deerskin Jackets anyone? Heres the hole where I shot Bambi with the crossbow :smiley:

Three points:

  1. Leather shoes are very sturdy and practical, and not decadent at all.
  2. Fake leather is available.
  3. You will not catch too many anti-fur activists in winter in Yellowknife.


You made me laugh.

Nice one.