What is the attraction of "real" fur?

when, as I understand it, synthetics are actually superior?
The Peta people do have a point. The fur business is inherently cruel.
If you don’t agree that the fur business is cruel and that imitation fur is a better alternative, please state your case.
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Subject should read "What is the attraction of “real” fur.
That’s what I typed. Dunno what happened.

The only attraction of fur (not one I share, BTW) is snubbing the noses of those PETA people.

“PETA says not to wear fur? Well, then I’ll wear fur just to show 'em!”

PETA is its own worst enemy.

reverse psy**fuckin’**ology

I’ve noticed a bit of anti-Peta invective on GD recently. Would some kind chap do me a favor and explain why Peta is such a bad thing? I’m no animal rights activist and I’m not very well-informed about animal rights issues, but I like animals and I think they deserve a few basic rights (e.g. the right not to be unduly tortured or killed by humans).



I don’t see the appeal of fur coats (real or otherwise), but then I also don’t see the appeal of diamond rings; there’s no accounting for taste. Some people just prefer real fur, and unless one’s reason is “because I like to torture animals,” then the reasons don’t really matter.

In the same manner, I like to eat hamburgers. I’m fully aware that most cattle are slaughtered in particularly nasty ways, and that that wouldn’t happen if we all decided to go vegan – but my preference is for hamburgers. Unless you’re prepared to level some criticism against me for this, there really is no way you can logically critisize those who wear fur.

“Superior” is completely subjective. I consider bacon to be superior to string beans even though string beans are much more nutritious. Similiarly, one may consider real fur to be superior to fake fur even though the fake fur is warmer and easier to care for.

Hey, we’ve probably been sporting fur coats for four million years. It’s only logical that some of us haven’t come out of the cave yet.

I expect this issue to dwindle to insignificance as a) all non-human mammals become viewed as valuable food items in an increasingly populated world, and b) synthetics prove to be both superior to and indistinguishable from actual fur.

But don’t deny people’s innate desire to wear such things. I happen to have a hairy-looking blue bathrobe, and every time I wear it I think of the Cookie Monster’s skin splayed out to dry at my primeval campsite. It’s a powerful thought.

I wear fur because I like it. Offending PETA types who take themselves too seriously is just a fringe benefit. The reason why real fur is better than fake fur is because it keeps the wind out. Since real fur is attached to dead animal skin, which originally had the purpose of keeping the animal’s guts inside it, it’s really good at keeping the wind out. I don’t deceive myself about the cruelty of the fur trade; I just don’t care. I know there’s Gore-Tex & all, but it does not look nearly as good. Fur is superwarm, & it feels nice to sink my chin down into the mink collar of my Persian lamb coat & feel the fur tickling my nostrils. When synthetics are attached to backing that is as windproof as real fur is, only then can be they called “superior”. We’re not there yet, so I’m going to keep wearing fur. And if you throw red paint on me, I will rip your guts out & wear YOUR skin as a coat.

Well, in the past, real fur was a necessity. If you lived in Siberia, or Alaska, or something like that, I have no doubt that fur was a necessity for keeping warm.

The attraction of fur is that some people think it feels nice and looks nice. I don’t think the fur business is any more cruel then the meat business. But then I don’t think its wrong to club seals for fur either. I’m a meanie.


So that’s part of the appeal of fur?
Stella’s got me jumping outta my non-hairy skin. :slight_smile:
I guess my caveman instincts have been dulled by too much tv and supermarket hamburger.
Anyway, I think that synthetics have been improved to be virtually indistinguishable from fur. So much so that they have been sold as fur to unsuspecting customers. And synthetics are much more durable.
I’m talking about the high-end product, not discount store stuff.
Here’s an example from a somewhat biased source;
There’s more, but I promised my grandkids I’d take them to pick up some red paint. No idea what for. :smiley:
mangeorge (Not associated with PETA)

I’m not against wearing fur. I am against the farming of animals for fur. You may ask how can I be for one and not the other? Well I believe if you want to wear fur, you can go hunt it down yourself. When I was younger I wanted a Racoon skin cap, my father refused to buy it in a store. His philosophy was if you want it and if you need it then you will go find one and aquire it yourself. I had aspirations of being Davy Crockett, so need was not the issue. He found me instructions on how to skin a Raccoon in order to make a hat. It was too much trouble so I never got the hat. I went to the toy store and bought a synthetic one, I figured Davy Crockett would understand.

  1. Fur is warm, soft & fuzzy.

  2. After you have killed the animal for food, anyway, then what else do you do with the skin?

  3. It pisses those terrorists at PETA off. Those folks have done more to HURT animal welfare than help. I used to donate to animal welfare causes. However, so many nowadays have jumped on the PETA bandwagon and are anti-meat, anti-fur, & anti-animal-experimentation, ie anti-human. Being a human, this pisses me off. caliban- does that answer you? Oh, and the bombs really are evil. Humans did not claw their way to the top of the food chain to eat carrots. I have no problem with non-get-inyour-face vegetarians. After all, many are so for religous reasons, and I respect other folks faith.

However, I do not agree with the trapping of wild animals for their fur- wasteful, and many of the animals die in painful ways, which is not humane. I am so-so on fur ranches. However, fur from meat animals- it is stupid & wasteful NOT to use it.

Stella- I have a story to relate- i was wearing a leather jacket. Some PETA-type said loudly to me: “Do you know a cow was MURDERED for that coat?”. I replied: “Well, yes, I DO know that, and,…and now that YOU know also, I suppose I’ll have to kill you, too”- she backed away hastily.

I’m glad nobody (besides Daniel, obliquely) pointed out the inherent stupidity of my earlier post. Obviously, when any critter once again becomes an opportunistic source of protein, their fur will also become a saleable by-product of a successful stew.

I still stand by my contention that fur will become less attractive once identical, non-painful products become available. First, we may have to deal with genetically altered , polka-dotted Angora rabbits, but eventually it will be cheaper and more practical to go for the waterproof version.

In the meantime, I’m wearing my Cookie Monster robe right now, and I feel fabulous.

I wonder if people would feel differently if trapping was done differently, i.e. using live traps and killing the foxes, beavers, etc. with the stuff they use to put dogs and cats to sleep humanely.

As long as I continue to eat meat (and if my views change as much in the future as they have in the past, I may stop one day) I can’t really complain about the fur industry. Yes, the domestic animals are raised in inhumane conditions (but die a quick death), the wild ones often die painfully in traps (though at least got to live a free life). Right now I lean towards farm-raised fur over trapped as being less inhumane, as the animals have never known any condition other than how they live, eat well, and die fast, but I’d have no moral problem with trapping if they replaced it with something more humane than the leg trap. I don’t think I would ban trapping, though, it’s an important source of income for a lot of people, some of my family members have done it. Some people don’t think of animals the way others do.

Having read several posts on this subject I think there are some things most have not concidered.One post stated that synthetics were superior to “real fur” for the most part this is false.Most synthetics (or atleast all of the ones I am fammilar with like thinsulate) will not povide insulation when wet.A good portion of them (like polar fleece) at extriem sub-zero temperatures become hard and brittle and lack the durability and flexibility of fur. Most of my knowlege comes from personal first hand expirence residing in places like the base of Denali (or Mt.Mikinnely for thoes of you who have never been to Alaska).As for synthetics ability to provide warmth ask the polar bear or moose if he get’s cold in winter while taking that much needed bath and you will likely get a no. Polar bears are exelent swimmers and spend a large ammount of time in water that is not much warmer than freezing even in summer.
When a synthetic is created that can out perform mother nature I’ll be the first one to go out and turn in my Parka till then I’ll leave my trust with the eskimos.

Part of ii, I think, is the “snob factor”. Real fur is better than synthetic fur for the same reason real jewlery is better than costume jewlery. It’s more expensive and harder to get.

Q. How do girls get Minks?
A. The same way Minks get Minks.

Like wearing huge diamonds, it has to do with public display of wealth by very shallow, thoughtless and rather boring people. Simple.

I want to point out that not all real fur is costly or ostentatious. I have a shearling vest & a couple of hats, whicH i wear because they are WARM. Comments like the above would seem to be made by the same sort of folks they are accusing, ie “shallow & thoughtless”.

Well, as far as real vs. synthetic goes, I’m inclined to agree with Captain Amazing. Its the exclusivity (is that even a word? ah well.) you get from having the real deal. For example, compare a real Picasso with a similarly produced reproduction of that exact same piece of art. The difference? One is worth millions and the other is worth a few hundred bucks. I don’t think I need to explain which is which.