Name 100 Gone With the Wind Characters

This is the novel rather than the movie, so there’s a lot more to play with. The sequel, Scarlett, never existed and as such no character unique to it may be included, though characters referenced in GWTW but not actually portrayed (such as Ellen’s cousin/lover Philippe, for example) can be included.

We’ll do one at a time, but I am gonna start off with Scarlett’s immediate family at the beginning:

Scarlett O’Hara


Gerald O’Hara
Ellen Robillard O’Hara


Careen O’Hara
Suellen O’Hara

Emotional Mother:


That’s 7 (counting Philippe).

Scarlett’s husbands:

Charles Hamilton
Frank Kennedy
Rhett Butler

That makes ten

Her brothers- Gerald O’Hara Jr. number 1, number 2 and number 3- (all dead in infancy before the book opens) make 13.

Scarlett & Rhett’s daughter:
Bonnie Blue Butler

All the Union soldiers who burn Atlanta.

Gotta be over 100, right?

The Tarleton twins: Brent and Stuart

Melanie and Ashley

Scarlett’s cousin India

Aunt PittyPat

Scarlett’s children:

Wade Hampton Hamilton

Ella Lorena Kennedy

Victoria Eugenia “Bonnie” Butler

Belle Watling, hooker-with-a-heart-of gold.

Will Benteen who marries Suellen.

Big Sam

Will Benteen, the Cracker they rescued who would’ve married Carreen had she been willing (but settled for Suellen instead).

Suellen’s daughter, Little Sue, whom Bonnie bit

Melanie and Ashley’s son, little Beau

Scarlett’s other kids, Wade Hampton Hamilton and Lorena (sp? might have the wrong contraction)

Uncle Henry Hamilton, Miss Pittypat’s lawyer brother

Mrs. Meade, town dowager
Mrs. Elsing, same
Hugh Elsing, her son
Fanny Elsing, her daughter
Dr. and Mrs. Merriweather

Big Sam, the foreman of Tara who saved Scarlett from being raped
Dilcey, the wife of Pork, Gerald’s butler, who nursed both her child and little Beau
Dilcey’s first child, Prissy (?) who didn’t know nuthin’ about birthin’ babies

Mrs. Tarleton, Beatrice, who had quite a few kids - Randi, little Betsy, two more girls whose names escape me, Boyd and Tom (in addition to the twins).

Grandpa Merriweather, with the lumbago

Cathleen Calvert
Cade Calvert
The 2nd Mrs. Calvert

Mr. Hilton, former overseer of Tara

Grandma Fontaine, and Old Miss (her daughter)
Alex Fontaine

Honey Wilkes, Scarlett’s SIL
Mr. Wilkes, who went off to war at age 70

Jack, the little 3-yr-old slave responsible for waving peacock feathers

That’s Melanie’s cousin (Ashley’s sister) India.

India’s sister Honey Wilkes

Their father John Wilkes

Jonas Wilkerson, the Yankee Overseer
The White Trash Slattery Girl, his wife
Maybelle Merriweather
Her Zouave boyfriend (who had a name in the book…in the movie, he’s just the one who says “$20!! $20 for Maybelle Merreeeweathaar!”)

Major Tom, the Union officer (Ward Bond).

Are you counting military?

Jeb Stewart

Archie - the convict Melanie hires
Cookie - Mrs. Meade’s slave who tells Prissy that the Yankees are coming

Nameless Yankee that Scarlett shoots when he’s about to rob their house

Johnny something - bullet-headed former jockey Scarlett hires to run her lumber mill

Rene Picard, and their son is Raoul (who didn’t invite Wade to his birthday party)

Raiford Calvert, Cade’s deceased brother

Moses, Elijah and Apostle, slaves who were on their way to dig trenches & singing w/Big Sam when Scarlett saw them