Name 17 superheroes in this picture (spoilers)

Supposed to be 17, I can only get 16. Considering all the comic nerds here, I figure this should take no time. First off, let’s use spoilers so everyone can play. No cheating by looking at other answers until you put up your list. AFAIK, the correct answers are not listed by the artist.
Here are my 16


Spawn, Deadpool, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Thor, Flash, Shazam, Thing, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Aquaman, Superman, Spider-Man, Punisher, Wonder Woman, Captain America, some X-man, I’ll go with Wolverine. My guess is I’m missing who wears the belt with pouches or whatever shoulders are between the cowl and the neck.

Here goes!


Who is most famous for wearing a utility belt?


Not a red one!

Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Deadpool (the mask)
  2. Thor (the hammer)
  3. Doctor Strange (the shoulders of the cloak-although that doesn’t quite look right for his cloak…)
  4. The Thing (orange rocky right arm)
  5. The Flash (symbol on the hammer)
  6. Green Lantern (the ring)
  7. Iron Man (the gauntlet on the left hand)
  8. Spawn (the tattered cloak collar)
  9. Damien Hellstrom (the trident - could be Aquaman’s trident instead)
  10. The Punisher (skull symbol on chest)
  11. Spiderman (spiderlegs on chest symbol)
  12. Wonder Woman (golden lasso on belt)
  13. Cyclops (or some other X-Man - the X symbol on the belt buckle)
  14. Batman (the pouches on the utility belt)
  15. Superman (the diamond on the chest for the insignia)
  16. Captain America (the star in the center of the chest)
  17. Daredevil (the horns on the mask)

And Thor’s hammer doesn’t have a flash symbol on it…

Shazam on the hammer, Flash hanging off the handle

I think Hellboy for the left hand, and since everything else is the correct color, I don’t think the belt can be Batman’s. ETA: Maybe Iron man is right, I think Hellboy’s left hand is normal.

I counted 17… 18 if that belt is supposed to be Batman’s. My list concurs with gdave’s list, but I’d add Shazam.


That might well be the Hand of Doom, not an armored gauntlet, so that one I’ll concede.

But some of the colors are off - that’s clearly Punisher’s skull, but it’s red instead of white. And if the star is Captain America’s, that’s the wrong color as well, so I don’t think we can go by colors.

Still, I missed the two lighting bolts, so, yeah, Flash and Shazam. But then I’m up to 18 superheroes. And Cyclops did sometimes wear a utility belt. So, the whole belt, including pouches, could be Cyclops, which brings me back down to 17.

Name of character: Copyright Infringement Man

I now think the whole belt is supposed to be Cyclop’s, who did sometimes use a utility belt, which brings me back down to 17.

You actually got that backwards. Flash is on the head of the hammer, and the charm is Shazam (Jay Garrick’s symbol lacks the circle, and only has one point on the lightning bolt, but it’s point-upward, and there are no variations of Shazam’s with the circle or 2 pointed ends.)

Yeah. His special hand is the right, in reference to the Nick Cave song Red Right Hand.


Points :slight_smile:

Okay, belt goes to Cyclops, left hand only has 3 fingers so, Hellboy? Even tho it’s the wrong hand? Who do you give the blue uniform to? Still Dr. Strange? Maybe the cape buttons are someone else.

Damn there are a lot of different X-men uniforms. Do they change them every year?

You’re right, but I’m still gonna claim points for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know how I missed the three fingers, but you’re right, so

that’s definitely the Hand of Doom, even though it’s the wrong hand - that’s probably simple artist’s error - so, Hellboy.

The blue costume could be Cyclops, to go with the belt, or Superman, or…a lot of characters have had a blue onesie, and, again, I don’t think the colors are reliable, so that could be just anybody.

The bottom of the blue looks like a skirt type thing like Dr. Strange has rather than tights. But if all that blue is Dr. Strange maybe the cape buttons are someone else.

  1. Deadpool’s mask
  2. Daredevil’s horns on Deadpool’s mask
  3. Spawn’s cape
  4. Thor’s hammer
  5. The Flash’s insignia on Thor’s hammer
  6. The Thing’s right arm
  7. Green Lantern ring on Thing’s arm
  8. Spider-Man logo on the chest
  9. Punisher logo on the Spider-Man logo
  10. X-Men belt buckle
  11. Wonder Woman’s lasso on the belt
  12. Shazam’s symbol hanging from a keychain on Thor’s hammer

12. Aquaman’s trident?
13. I want to say Hellboy’s Red Right Hand, except that’s a left hand
14. Homeslander’s blue body suit with the shoulder fastened cape
15. Is the star on the Punisher Skull from Captain Marvel?
16. I guessing the yellow diamond background to the chest logo is a reference, just because it’s not really a part of any of the component logo’s designs, but I have no idea what its from

Can anyone name a hero who commonly has the gold buttons on the cape?