Name a good (fairly recent) book about Thugees.

I’ve just discovered that Thugees exist, and I want to know more about them.

As much as possible.

Do any of the Dopers (who never cease to amaze me with their lists of books they have read), have any recommendations?

The books I used weren’t “fairly recent”, but seemed to be pretty good. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the referrences here. Wikipedia lists a book by Mike Dash entitled Thug from 2005 – that’s more recent than anything I’ve used.

One book I used was Secret Societies by Normal MacKenzie, and the references to the Thuggee inc;luded in it.

Having read the Mike Dash book, I’d recommend it.

Here’s one from 2003: Children of Kali. It wanders quite a bit narratively as the author travels through India, but still enjoyable.

Just picked that up from the library today.:slight_smile:

What did you ‘use’ them for?

He used them for the human sacrifice ceremony as seen in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

I want to recommend the short story Because Thou Lovest The Burning Ground by Michael P Kube-McDowell. It’s an alternate history story that asks the question ‘There are many gods in India. What if Mohandas Gandhi had followed a violent faith?’. It is non-cheesy, excellent, and chillingly plausible.

Was he one of the set designers?

Reference material for my book on Medusa.
The Thugee worshipped Kali/Durga, who in the form of Smashan Kali is one of the Gorgon parallels of India, with her huge staring eyes and broad open mouth with tusks and protruding tongue. She even carries a harpe-like sword and has a garland of heads (!)Many depictions of her soften this image to a modern-looking Indian woman, but some versions are horrific and gorgon-like.

Unfortunately, the only reproduction I’ve seen of an image of Kali from a Thuggee temple is pretty lame and disappointing. One British contemporary compared it to a child’s toy. Nothing like the (unrealistic) stone image shown in the Indiana Jones movie. Or the very open temple to Kali in Dakshineswar in India today.