Name a nuclear fictional characters?

Would Superman himself count? His power comes from nuclear reactions in the sun. And also The Fantastic Four got their powers from cosmic radiation.

Hiroshima, the Nuclear Goddess, from Matt Howarth’s Bugtown series.

If having a fusion reactor for a heart counts, Fusionette from City of Heroes (and her male alternate universe counterpart, Fusion).

Dr. Solar. Man Of The Atom.

The mutants in the Forbidden Zone, of course, from Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

And the Fleshy-Headed Mutants from Mutants Of 2051 A.D. from Strange Brew.

And of course, Blinky from The Simpsons.

Frankenstein in Frankenstein Conquers the World, a particularly faithful adaptation of the original Mary Shelley novel. :wink:

Johnny Alpha, and the other Strontium Dogs.


Super Fuzz

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Or is their mutation solely based on chemical pollutants?

Radioactive pollutants? At least from the TV show.

Here’s another with radioactivity from an unknown (possibly nuclear) source:
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters

I have every issue in mint condition. :smiley:

The Atomic Knights

Loosely, the Micronauts. Theirs was a quantum, nuclear world. The microcosm/microverse of the quantum dimension as fallen into by Dr. Prometheus.

The Toxic Avenger? Which raises the question was the waste that caused Melvin Ferd’s transformation purely chemical or also radioactive?

As you can see from this trailer, it was nuclear waste that gave us the Toxic Avenger. I love this movie!

Marvel’s Dr. Octopus and the Sandman. I assume Doc Samson, like the Hulk, is powered by gamma radiation.

Early X-Men comics had a reference to them being “children of the atom,” implying that their mutations were caused by post-WW2 radioactivity.

Switching to DC, what about the Kryptonite Man? He’s powered by K radiation. I don’t know what powers the Metal Men. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were some miniature reactors involved.

Strange how prevalent radiation was in Silver Age Marvel but not so much in DC.

There’s oodles of commentary about it. Marvel stood out from DC in the early years because they were more science-based.

If I remember rightly, in the comic, it was the same piece of radioactive waste that struck Matt “Daredevil” Murdock, and then fell down a drain, into the sewer.

Including the 3D issues?

ARBBH was one of the best of the TMNT rip-offs (and often landed that dark feel the other TMNT clones missed), and the 3D issues were bunches of fun. LOVED LOVED loved the ARBBH comics as a kid.


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