Name change HELP

Recently my little brother asked my mum if he could have a middle name (none of us have one) and she said yeah sure and asked if i wanted one.

but my question is, is it as easy to get a new first name for a child (14)?

could i just walk into a place (with my parents) and change my name to whatever i wanted?

you’ll have to fill out whatever form your government requires, but yes, as long as your parents agree (till you’re legal age to do it yourself), you can name yourself anything you want, within reason. (No swear words, i’d guess.) It is a good idea? Probably not. After all, look what prince did with his name. The poor guy can’t even pronounce it. :slight_smile:

Actually The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’s name isnt legal, you cannot change your name to unpronouncable characters or characters that arent letters (cant be J@$0n or 1an of 5ally)

With middle names it might be even easier. I “dropped” my middle name a couple of years ago; I don’t list it on any forms or documents. As yet I haven’t hit any problems.

IANAL, but if you’re adding a middle initial I don’t think most organisations (barring, perhaps, social services and tax offices) really care. That’s not to say you shouldn’t make it nice and formal, but for a minor most things in life don’t need a formal name change.