Name for people who ruin jokes

Inspired by Cecil’s answer to this question:

Is there a term or name (other than “asshole”) for people who intentionally ruin other people’s jokes? For example, the aforementioned person who says, “And then what happened?” after the punchline.

Another example is a former roommate of mine who, after I delivered a punchline, would immediately come up with a second “punchline”. Sometimes the second “punchline” would be funny, but most often it was funny to nobody but him.


no, wait… ::sigh:: …never mind.

Hey NoClueBoy, what’s the secret of comedy?

Anyway, I searched on this reverse dictionary site with no success. It did come up with vandal and saboteur, which I rather like.

Killjoy? Spoilsport?

Meekos ? :smack:

Wet blanket? Or would that just be someone who spoils a prank?

Mrs Princhester


:smiley: now ain’t that the truth? (any SO, not just his wife)



:ducks and runs:

Add a third type of “a-hole” to this list. In my earlier years I had a habit of throwing out funny lines but was too timid to really belt it them out. This one guy
tended to be the only one who heard me, and he would immediately repeat my joke or a variation thereof and get “the laughs”. It was like I was his ghost writer.
I wanted him dead - come to think of it - I still hate him 20 years on.

I propose we call them either afterburners or rimshots - the noise that comes after a joke.