Name for sound editing technique

You’ve seen a thousand movies using this. It’s the end of a scene (usually quiet). Suddenly, the sound if the next scene (usually loud) is audible, then two seconds later, the visual cuts to the new scene. Is there a specific name for this? Surely it would be cooler for a director to say to the editor something like, “Let’s do a Hoffman cut to the car-crash scene right at this point” rather than “Let’s cut the sound in three seconds early.”


When the audio for the following scene starts before the actual video does (or vice versa for that matter)?

It’s called an L Cut".

Thanks drm. According to Wikipedia, it’s also called a split edit. After a bit of googling, I found that

I also noticed a couple references to a “J-cut” which I presume is when the video starts before the sound, and there is a squarish “J” shape on the editing timeline.

Thank you for the input. Not as nifty as I’d imagined, but it’ll do.

Wanders away muttering, “L-cut . . . L-cut . . .”