Name le Movie

Ok, a few years ago I saw this French Movie… hey, where are you going? just wait! Anyway, I saw this movie about a little boy who comes home to find that his mother has died. Given that the boys father is also dead, or buggered off somewhere, the boy fears that he will be taken into care, and will never see his friends again. So, with the help of his pals, he buries his mother in a aluminum-foiled grandfather clock in a local cemetary, and then the whole merry bunch conspire to keep her death a secret from the authorities. Its a lovely little film that i have long since forgotten the name of, and i am SURE that i didnt dream it. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would be most grateful!!

I think, judging by the number of views with no response, that you need to give us some more hints. Any idea when the film was created? The name of an actor or director would help as well.

i… i dont know! it was all french kids! it was early nineties. all i remember was hearing at the time that it was such a huge success and such a great film that spielberg was rumoured to be remaking it. but they say that about everything, right? god, i should have let this rest. its driving me nuts now.

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and someone posited that your movie might be La Fracture du myocarde aka “Cross My Heart”.

THATS IT!! Thats the one, cross my heart. Cheers pal. Damn, I love this message board!

Interesting, wouldn’t that translate into English more as “Heartbreak”?

It’s a pun. The medical term for heart attack in French is “infarctus du myocarde” (“myocardial infarction”), which the kids in the movie hear as “fracture du myocarde” (“myocardial fracture”). Either terms sound like medical mumbo-jumbo to kids but the later does indeed translate into “heartbreak”.