Name My! Well, not my daughter - this guy online

Name this guy’s daughter online! The winning name so far is Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin - very nice!

I love that #28 is Stormageddon!

I voted for Cthulhu Mae, because it sounds so friendly.

I was going to vote for Moon Moon, but apparently several folks had the same idea, but failed to coordinate–there were separate entries for “Moonmoon”, “Moon”, and “Moon Moon” in the first name. (I was aiming for Moon (firstname) Moon (lastname).

Also, I really hope he doesn’t go through with naming his kid “Cthulhu All-Spark.” (Or Moon Moon, for that matter.)

Not when “Megatron Titanium” is an option, at least.

I did not look far enough - I voted Cthulhu because it’s funny, but Stormageddon! That’s awesome!