Nathanial Goddess of Death

Jean 4/28/200 10:47 AM I just wanted to tell you. you are about become an aunt again.

lee 4/28/200 10:48 AM oh?

Jean 4/28/200 10:49 AM jean went into labor but went out. the doc says some time this week.

lee 4/28/200 10:49 AM boy or girl

Jean 4/28/200 10:50 AM another boy, Nathanial Kali

lee 4/28/200 10:52 AM Why, in the world are they naming a BOY after the Hindi goddess of Death???

lee 4/28/200 10:52 AM did they lose a bet?

Jean 4/28/200 10:52 AM which name is the god?

Nathanial… destroyer of WORLDS!

I kinda like it.
Has anyone ever been to a Nathanialite temple? I hear there are some impressive artworks there.

I don’t know…Kali is a pretty cool name. I wish it was mine. Except that people will call you “collie” instead, and think it refers to the dog breed.

Dude, I wish I was named after a goddess of death. All I’ve got is “Goddess of Little Chenille Chickens” (from Gunslinger) and “Goddess of Sarcasm” (from my mom, and 'tis a title better placed on some of the people here on the board from what I’ve seen).

i guess nathanial’s parents wanted him to get in touch with his feminine side right from the start.

when my cousin told me, “we have a daughter! colleen!”
i said, “yes, i figured she was a girl, what’s her name?”
turns out they named her colleen. it goes very well with the russian last name…

i hope things go well with nephy.

Damn straight there is. Fear me dammit. Guess what my name is?

And they even spelled it right!

But I admit, I thought I was marked for death when I saw the thread title. shudder

9 pounds of baby boy is named Nathan Kali. They knew it and they still gave him that name.