Name of Northern Exposure Broth.

In the tv series Northern Exposure (1990-1995), one of the characters, possibly Maurice Minnifield iirc, had a big, elaborate party at which no expense was spared. Persuant to this, he had a real expensive beef broth made. They started with several cattle, and boiled it down to about a cup of broth.

What I want to know is what was the name of this elaborate drink? It was so long ago that I saw this episode, I have since forgotten. Also, I have wondered for the longest time now, does such a drink really exist, or was it just fictional and made for this episode?

Thank you in advance to all who reply :slight_smile:

The concentrated beef broth from Northern Exposure was “demi-glace.” It’s real, although I think the script exaggerated the number of cattle per cup.

Sounds like one hell of a demi glace!

A friend tells the story of the time she made chicken noodle soup for her grandmother who was not feeling well. Grandmother takes the soup and proclaims it the best she’s ever had. She asked for seconds only to have my friend tell her she only made one bowl! That’s right, two whole chickens, veggies, noodles, all concentrated into one kick ass bowl of soup :slight_smile:

I think the episode in which the demi-glace was prepared was The Big Feast.

My wife is a Northern Exposure Fanatic. She remembers the episode and is looking it up.
The Episode was in the 4th season, 21st episode. The Big Feast.
The demi-glace was made from 40 cows. Recurring Guest Adam was the chef that prepared it. She cannot find a mention of the type demi-glace.
I almost have her convinced to go watch the episode. She has most of them on tape.

She has found the complete Menu. I have Bolded the demi-glace
Pickled pig’s-feet (B)
Cream of cauliflower soup (B)
Mooseburger (B)
Special Brick sauce with pickled chips and olive pieces (B)
Butterscotch brownies (B)
Reindeer patty (B)
Baby turnips
**Demiglace (or glace de viande) for the Sauce Rossini(?) **
Beluga caviar
Lamb (racks of)
Pigs, roasted & stuffed with thrushes
Maine lobster
Italian plum tartlets
Marzipan cakes
Coq en bouche(?) - mile high pastry with creampuffs and nougat syrup
Littleneck clams
Foie gras from Leone
Black truffles from Gascony
Asparagus from Amsterdam
Pommes anglais (English potatoes)
Tater tots
Sweetbreads (pancreas & thymus)
Tuna casserole
Shrimp toast
Chinese pearlballs
Salmon in aspic
Olive rolls
Tomato rosettes
Smoked sturgeon with poached egg inverse(?) (A)
Hollandaise sauce (A)
Ratatouille (A)
Colubiac(?) of bass (A)
Chicken Poujarski(?) (A)
Souffle de clam (A)
____ Roget champagne
1929 Chateau Latour
Decaf coffee
Chateau Lafite
Chateau Margaux
Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
'61 Mouton-Rothschild
'61 Cru Beaucayu(?)
Jim (I did the Typing, but all research by my wife Eve)

“decaff coffee?” Maurice served decaff?

What Exit? You and your wife make a hell of a research team.

Thank you :smiley:
Of course now she is adding Northern Exposure to our Netflix Queue so she can she them in DVD quality. Good thing I really liked the show also.


Is your wife Eve different from our Dopemate Eve?

Yes, my wife only lurks on the board and answers a few questions at my prodding.
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Just to add to the confusion, Adam’s wife is also named Eve. Adam is the Chef that made the Demi-Glace in question.


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Slight nitpick - Adam (played by Adam Arkin) didn’t make the Demi-Glace. Maurice had pre-ordered the Demi-Glace and used it’s presence to convince Adam to take over as chef after the original chef quit.

The funniest part was after all the lead up to the Demi-Glace, the only comment it got during the dinner itself was a simple “Good gravy Maurice” from Holling.